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Looking for some expert points of performance? Coach planned an exercise you’ve never heard of? Want to spice up your increasingly stale shoulder days? Look no further. TrainHeroic’s exercise guides are written by expert coaches for you.


Get the Most Out of Your Rowing Machine with Expert Technique

Rowers are a super common piece of exercise equipment these days. You can find them everywhere from CrossFit gyms to your corner rec center. Whether you’re a rowing machine fan or foe, knowing how to use one properly just adds to your fitness arsenal. Are you getting...

How to Progress Your Squat for Functional Strength

Squats are a hot topic in the strength and conditioning world, and that fact isn’t going away any time soon. With so many resources out there on squatting, how does a novice know where to start? Cory Caruthers is a trainer and ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist...

The Top 3 Hamstring Exercises You Can’t Afford to Skip

Your hamstrings can be easy to ignore since they’re just “back there”, but strong hamstrings are the foundation for a meaty and symmetrical posterior chain. Neglect them to your peril. Aja Campbell is a CSCS/CrossFit Coach with a decade of fitness experience. She’s...

Which Deadlift Variations Hit Your Goals?

We know deadlifts help make up the meat and potatoes of posterior chain training, but there are so many underutilized ways to pick something up from the ground. How do you know which variation to work on for maximum strength gains? Daniel Yalowitz has a background of...

How & Why to Work on Split Squats

Back squats and deadlifts get the most exposure as top posterior chain builders, but what if you have imbalances or a weaker side? Split squats are the perfect underrated movement for working on unilateral strength and size gains. Coach Ryan Johnston (MS, CSCS, USAW2)...

Points of Power: Three Key Positions to Improve Your Power Clean

Your power clean capacity says a lot about your weightlifting technique—speed, explosiveness, timing—it’s all there. What should you be focusing on to dial in your power clean skills and claim beast status? Justin Barchus, owner and head coach at Kraken Strength out...

Work on These 3 Factors for Faster Sprinting Mechanics

Depending on your sport, your sprinting capacity can make or break your athletic performance. As one of the tenets of well-rounded athleticism, speed can be a tricky thing to train unless you know what to improve. Morey Croson, head speed coach and founder of The...

Need Better Squat Depth? Try Kettlebell Goblet Squats

Your back squat is the hallmark of your lower body strength. But what if your stiff tissues and junky joints don’t let you access a deep squat range of motion? Jason Giles, owner of Iron Monkey Strength out of New York, has a lifetime of passionate dedication to...

Get Your First Pull Up With These 5 Progressions

Pull ups are your nemesis. Maybe you haven’t really tried working on them yet, because where do you even start?? Gym Jones head coach and certified bad b*tch, Cate Williams, leads you through her tactics for nailing the most-requested movement in the gym: pull ups....

Banded Back Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere

Pandemic isolation was a real test of our ability to adapt to a weird new workout situation. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out just how best to use the equipment you’ve got. Sari Terranova is a total supermom, CPT, and nutrition coach who introduces women and...
Upright Rows: The GOAT for Shoulder Workouts

Upright Rows: The GOAT for Shoulder Workouts

Simply put, big shoulders are sexy. If you’re into bodybuilding, you know that your shoulders form the wide top of your hourglass or “V” shape. Having round boulder shoulders is immediately noticeable for your physique aesthetics and usually means the difference...

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