Our manifesto

We’re here for the revolution. To upset the apple cart.

We’re here to rip high performance out of it’s ivory tower and deliver it to the masses.

We’re here to bring Performance to the People.

You see, Performance isn’t a means to an end. A path to a payday or payoff. Performance is the end itself.

Performance is art. A terrifying, exciting, heart-hammering, sweaty-palm, short-breath explosion of possibility.

Performance is our fullest expression of self. Our maximal contribution to the world. The experience where we find out who we are and what It is all about.

Performance is living at the ragged edges of our capacity, looking into the abyss, and narrowly dancing past the expectations that look to shackle us in. Performance is the wild, indescribable, on-fire feeling of being alive.

In Performance, the self disappears. Everything fades to a background whisper that trails off forever. In Performance, we are one with the Universe. There is no Us. There is no Them. There simply is.

In a society where people spend each day waking, eating, shuffling, scrolling, busying, sleeping, and repeating…

Performance is the rare moment of oneness that frees us from the tedium of routine. It is the challenge that reveals. The spark of surprise that seeds goosebumps of delight.

Performance is Aha! Wheeeee! and WOW! happening right here and now.

Performance is magic. The music of our souls. The gift we want to give to the world.

While Performance is a rare occurrence, it’s not just for rare people. Performance is something everyone can have. We believe it’s something everyone should have.

Performance isn’t just for the blessed, the elite, the privileged. Performance is for all of us and it’s right there for the taking.

As food, water, and shelter keep us alive, Performance makes us feel alive.

At TrainHeroic, we believe Performance is both our right and duty.

So whether you’re a desk athlete or a promising prep, a seasoned pro or hungry beginner, if you’re committed to Perform, we’re here for you.

EMPOWERING coaches and athletes to be their best


At the center of everything we do is our mission: to empower coaches and athletes to be their best. Be Your Best is more than a hollow tagline. It is our rallying cry. A seemingly simple statement, Be Your Best is a deliberate selection of words that sums up how TrainHeroic intends to change the world for the better.

Through our platform, online education, and content we seek to empower self-determined, resourceful Heroes around the globe.

BE: While “Achieving” may happen once or sporadically, “Being” happens every moment.“Being” is Flow, the perfect intersection of challenge, capacity, and focus. “Being” is where joy is realized and optimal performance occurs.

YOUR: Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of Joy.” We believe finding Joy in the Journey of training requires a focus on your own journey and a willingness to ignore comparisons that may lead us astray from realizing our potential.

BEST: When we say “Best,” we mean “Best.” We’re seeking a 10 out of 10. “Best” aligns intention and effort to maximize contribution every day.



Our vision

If our mission is our ‘why,’ then our vision is our ‘what’. It’s a summary of the world we want to create. The world where we think we belong. Until we realize this vision we won’t stop innovating, developing, learning, and hustling to develop the most trusted strength and conditioning platform in the world.

Finding Joy in the Journey of Training:

JOY: Happiness is fleeting and connected to external circumstance. Joy is resilient. It is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve done everything to Be Your Best.

JOURNEY: We know that to Be Your Best you have to love the process. Make the moment matter. Stay connected to the present. Don’t dwell on the past or focus on the future.

TRAINING: Our Purpose lives within the realm of deliberate practice. We believe in having intention and being a better version of ourselves each day. We believe Being our Best is the way to optimize our contribution to the world around us.

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