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You got into this profession to serve others. To make an impact. 

To pursue your passion and find joy doing it. 

You don’t have a job. You have a calling.

You want freedom. The flexibility to work when you want, from wherever you want. To coach on your terms and in your way.  You want to do what you love and love doing it.

But maybe you’ve been a bit bogged down in busy work. Swamped in spreadsheets. Drowning in email. Managing a messy list of to-dos. Tied down and on someone else’s schedule.

You feel intensely alive in the brief moments you’re on the floor coaching, but like a drone in the rest of your day…

Don’t give up on your passion.

At TrainHeroic, we believe you should never hate doing what you love. A sustainable career shouldn’t come at the expense of feeling like “the man” controls your destiny.

Personal training has one of the highest first year turnovers of any career. As many as 80% of new fitness professionals don’t make it past year 1.

Too often, we hear “I feel trapped in a dead-end career, but working for “the man” offers a sense of security when compared to the unknowns of running my own coaching business.”

We’ve helped thousands of personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness professionals build the business of their dreams on their terms. Take the leap from feeling undervalued and overworked, out of control of your own career, and unsure of your impact. It’s time to do what you love and love doing it.

The best tools for personal trainers and gym owners

TrainHeroic is the best software for personal trainers, gym owners, and strength coaches. Our solutions give you superpowers to do more, with less effort.
Whether you train clients 1:1, in groups, in the gym or from miles away, TrainHeroic arms you with the tools you need to be a true pro. We’ve taken high performance out of its ivory tower and delivered it to the masses. With TrainHeroic, coaches of all levels can provide an elite service to their clients, in any setting.

Our mobile app brings your coaching to life and lets your clients carry you with them, wherever they go.

The easy to use, immersive interface enables you to deliver a personalized training experience at scale. With detailed prescriptions, customizable video instruction, engaging chat, video sharing, and more, you can coach without limits.

TrainHeroic helps you drive buy-in, keep your clients accountable, and push past possible.


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We believe in the power of coaching. 

Whether you call yourself a Trainer…a PT…a Performance Pro…or a Fitness Magician. It doesn’t matter to us. 

If you’re committed to empowering others to feel more, do more, and be more than ever before.

We’ve got your back, Coach.

The TrainHeroic toolset is designed to help you scale your coaching business by coaching more athletes, better.

Coach in any context

Deliver both group and personal programs, remote and in-person. Keep your comms tight with Direct and Group Messaging

Unlock your inner programming DaVinci

Program in any style with our flexible designer that supports strength, conditioning, recovery, and everything in between.

Leverage over 2,000 exercise videos in our database or tap into your creativity to custom brand your own.

Say “bye-bye” to busy work

Store exercises, circuits, programs, and prescriptions. Write ‘em once, use ‘em forever. Never do the same thing twice.

Capture and review data effortlessly. From compliance and progress to online training business data. Quickly see the high level. Drill down to learn more.

Drive forward with data

Know exactly how they’re feeling and responding to training. Coach the whole athlete with Readiness Surveys

Dial in the technique. Make video feedback easy with mobile sharing.

Look pro with less effort

Add your marks and brand like a boss. Custom brand logos, videos, and training titles to make our app your own.

Adjust on the Fly. Stuff happens. Make training changes on the go from your convenience of your mobile app.

Give them an experience they’ll love

Inject a little joy in their journey. Drop GIFs, Reactions, Emojis to keep them motivated and engaged. Bring a smile to their face.

Create some friendly competition and keep them pushing. Let ‘em dig deep to find that little extra with daily Leaderboards.

I had been searching for the right partners to help me grow my business and reach while I sleep, but up until I was introduced to the TH platform, I had not found any that were up to the standards I have set for my business. I used to send out PDF workouts to clients all over the globe, but they are ugly and messy and unless it was a high-level athlete that had already worked with me in person, they wound up taking way more time than they should because of all the questions I’d received from clients. TH took this process and made it infinitely better.

Jeff LoVecchio

Retired pro hockey player, owner RIPT Hockey Training


personal trainers and gym owners


Getting back in shape has never been easy but this app sure helps.

After taking 5 years off from regular training and lifting. I found it difficult to jump into the swing of things until I started using the TrainHeroic app. I am becoming the best version of my gym self despite my new limitations. Thank you Morgan for helping make my transition back to working out fun and easy.

Shane W. (App Store Review)

Easy and Fun!

Love how easy it is to track my workouts. EMOM timer is awesome. So encouraging to see accumulated weight and track progress! I’ve lifted over a million pounds since I started using TrainHeroic 2 years ago.

LiftwMaggie (App Store Review)

A must have

TrainHeroic is an amazing user friendly app. In addition, the whole system/platform itself is one that’s close to taking over the fitness world. I get immediate access to an huge selection of world class trainers and hard core workouts. I used to find the gym a bore (and didn’t know what or how to do anything!) until TrainHeroic stumbled into my life. Between the workouts, blogs, and leaderboard my lifestyle is the strongest and healthiest it has ever been.

Nellie-June (App Store Review)

Simplicity at its best

This app is simple, clean, and easy to use. It doesn’t distract me from my workout and it has everything I need. There have been a few times when I thought I had an idea for an improvement and then I looked a little closer and sure enough, the app already had that feature. I especially like the ability to switch between kilograms and freedom units on the fly.

Thanks for a great app

Erik4Real (App Store Review)

The best app

Never experience the coach/athlete experience on a app like this!

Good feedback

Community builder

Coach Freedom (App Store Review)

Great workout app

The TrainHeroic (and CoachHeroic) app has all the bells and whistles I want in a clean, easy-to-use format.

Putting my own workouts on the app has improved my [athletes’] adherence. I won’t go back to the old pen and paper workout log for me or my athletes.

Srochet (App Store Review)

By far the best

As a gym owner and former professional athlete I have been training since I was 15 years old and seen it all. I’ve used every different type of format out there as an athlete and a coach. I will never ever go back to pdf’s again and I will never look for another app again. Train Heroic has literally been a game changer for my business. The ability for me to separate myself with this app has actually blown my mind. My athletes in person all love using it as well as my remote clients…Not one word of a lie, if you’re a strength coach, trainer or CrossFit box owner – I would be all over this thing yesterday. Seriously

JefLo75 (App Store Review)

The future of training

The app is stable, fast, and reliable on my end. Per the advice of the support team, I keep my iPhone up to date with the LATEST iOS and I don’t have any problems. This is LITERALLY the future of fitness. My workout is delivered to my phone, and I have a team of peer athletes and world class coaches at my fingertips while I’m working out. Well done! Definitely a game changer!

The Real Piepants (App Store Review)



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