fuze webinars

Seamlessly FUZE the TrainHeroic platform into your business.


The FUZE webinars are designed as a master class for personal trainers, gym owners, and coaches actively using the TrainHeroic platform. However, all webinars are open to the public and completely free.

1. Building a foundation for scale

To grow your coaching business, you’ll have to serve more clients / athletes than ever before. We’ll teach you how you can leverage teams to save time on your program delivery and to easily communicate with groups of clients to create a culture of camaraderie and accountability.  

2. Programming for efficiency

Build out your programming library to create building blocks that save you time. We’ll teach you the basics, as well as the advanced power programming tools, and how they go hand-in-hand to effectively save you time while building out programs that allow you to provide an unmatched client training experience.

3. Creating a winning game plan

Great athlete engagement starts with creating buy-in and excitement. Create a game plan for rolling TrainHeroic out to your clients. We’ll teach you best practices on how to prepare to get your clients on board and how to effectively support them so the transition is smooth and you look like a pro.  

4. Engaging and retaining clients

Engage and retain your clients like never before. We’ll teach you how to use TrainHeroic to provide accountability, engagement, and variety to your clients’ training experience so you can deliver unmatched value that they will keep paying you for. 

Upcoming events

Please note: Each webinar is 30 minutes long and will include time for Q&As. Please register using the link for each event.