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Want to Be a Better Powerlifter? Try These Strongman Moves

Hitting plateaus in your big three lifts? Try switching it up with these beefy strongman moves to improve your overall strength and help you hit some deadlift, squat, and bench press PRs. Your new total is waiting for you. Joseph Lucero, owner of Harvesting Strength,...

Using Bodybuilding Methodology for Injury Rehab

As most athletes know, injuries come with the job description. Working with a physical therapist can make all the difference in the world. But did you know some bodybuilding training concepts make for excellent prehab/rehab principles? Fred is a strength and...

5 Steps for Building a Bigger Bench Press

Let’s face it: bench press has never felt like your thing. It’s always hard, even “light” weights feel impossible, and you don’t seem to progress on it like you do with other lifts. If you really want to hit a new bench PR, you’ll need to attack it from some different...

Get Faster & More Explosive with Overspeed Training

What is overspeed training, and why should you do it? If you want to be a faster, stronger, and more efficient athlete, consider using these overspeed exercises and techniques in your next strength workout. Brandon Humphrey is a kinesiologist and personal trainer...

Understanding HRV Trends: A Beginner’s Guide

HRV is among the buzzy fitness metrics to surface with wearable tech in recent years, but there are good reasons — understanding your heart rate variability in the context of your nervous system is a huge indicator of your overall health. But the terminology and data...

Keys to a Killer Kettlebell Swing

The KB swing not only looks cool, but it also packs a powerful punch of strength & conditioning benefits when done correctly. Master your technique and reap the benefits of this mighty movement with this step-by-step guide. Jack McCormick has been a coach and...

Why The Deadlift Is King of All Lifts (Plus 6 Variations)

You’ve heard it before — deadlifts rule. For raw power output, having a massive pull is where it’s at. But why is that the case? And what other deadlifting variations are out there? Joseph Lucero, owner of Harvesting Strength, is a powerlifter and strongman coach with...

Lunge Technique, Tips & Variations For a Plump Posterior

Although they seem simple, lunges are draining and make your legs feel like they’re on fire. The burn they produce can make even the strongest athletes shudder. Adding modifications and understanding how/why they are benefitting you might make them a little more...

Strength Training for Fencers

Whether you're a professional, sub-elite, or hobbyist, you'll become a better fencer by doing some strength training. Even a simple strength training program can help you become a quicker, more explosive, and injury-free athlete. Chris Van Nostrand is the founder of...

Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day

Do you and your gym buddies have scrawny little chicken nuggets for legs? Shame on you all. Leg workouts are essential and guess what? Everyone knows you’re skipping them. Maybe you need a little convincing on why exactly you should keep yourselves accountable to hard...

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Mobility 101: A Complete Guide

Mobility is hot topic, and vital for anyone spending time in the weightroom.

The ability to have full range of motion in your muscles and joints is one of the most important aspects of training. Improving your mobility can help you workout for longer, reduces joint pain, and can reduce the risk of injury.

In this guide you’ll learn more about mobility, who it impacts, why you should be focusing on it no matter what your age or training history, and how to tame common mobility hot spots from head to toe.

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Olympic Weightlifting 101: A Complete Guide

In this article, Mike Dewar shares a basic template on how to build an Olympic weightlifting program geared toward the beginner and intermediate lifter.

Mike covers everything from the 8 goals of an Olympic Weightlifting program, how to build your own 4 week program including full sample sessions, the 5 key variables in Olympic Weightlifting, and 30 exercises perfect for beginners.

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10 ways to build an unstoppable engine for competitive crossfit

To succeed in CrossFit, you need the ability to repeat near maximum efforts with as little rest as possible.

It’s not enough to simply have a high one rep max or a large unbroken set of muscle-ups. How many reps at 90% of your max power clean can you do in 8 minutes?

In this article, Todd Nief gives us a full breakdown of the 10 ways he helps  Crossfit athletes build an unstoppable engine for competition.

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How to Zercher Squat: One Exercise to rule them all

We all want that golden ticket. The one-size-fits-all exercise and perfect program. You know – the one that makes us look like the Hulk as long as we follow that program to the T.

Well folks, that all sounds great. But in reality, we know there is no one-size-fits-all exercise, program, food, or supplement… PERIOD. However, coach Ryan Leibreich has a secret weapon exercise that will get us close; it has a lot of bang for its buck. It builds massive quads, big glutes, a wide back, and some awesome biceps. Exactly what every athlete needs.

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4 scientifically proven ways to develop explosive power

Building athletic power is one of the most desired, if not the most desired, quality in athletic performance today. It’s as important for the athlete training for the sport of life as it is for a D1 high performance athlete.

The question is…how do we optimally train it?

In this article coach Joel Smith, a long-time D1 S&C coach, gives us the lowdown on creating explosive power in the weightroom. From Olympic lifting to plyometrics, this is your one-stop guide on all things athletic power.

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Nervous system training 101: The creation of superhuman strength and athleticism

Consider the following: pound for pound apes have double the strength of a human being.
They can also jump about 30-40% higher than top human jumpers.

How is this possible given their similar amount of muscle mass?

Our simian friends have an interesting piece of their brain and spinal cord that allows them stronger muscle contractions: less grey matter.

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