Coach playbook chapter 2: connect

Streamlined to the max for you and your clients

Connect instantly with clients, get organized, and start acting like the CEO (because that’s what you are, boss). Watch below to see how it all goes down. 

Summon the squad 

  • Inviting clients to TrainHeroic is a breeze. Send a customizable email directly from the system with easy to follow instructions for your clients. 

  • Inviting clients to connect 1:1 keeps their training calendar and your comms all private. 
  • Grouping clients into “Teams” allows you to publish sessions or entire programs to multiple clients at once. 

Schedule training for your clients in two ways:

    • Add a Program to a Team (group) calendar from the Teams tab
    • Add a Program or Session to a client’s 1:1 calendar from the Athletes tab

Bottom line: You’re in control of your biz, with handy tools to organize clients and keep ‘em training on the reg. 

Pro Tips

  • Program a session for yourself. See the client experience first-hand when you go through the motions of logging your sessions just like your clients will.
  • Rally your crew with Teams. Use the Team chat to drive up the energy, connect your athletes together (they can be rivals on the inside), and keep them eager and amped up with friendly competition by programming leaderboards. 
  • We’ve pre-loaded your account with two demo clients. Add programming to their calendars or group them into teams to get the hang of TrainHeroic before inviting your paying clients. 

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