Coach playbook chapter 1: create

Program like a pro

It won’t take you long to become a boss at building programming that scales. Watch below to learn how to build out your library and make this tool your best friend, assistant coach, and strongest tool to growing your business. 

Programming Basics:

  • Start by creating a Program from your Library 
  • Build a session by adding exercise blocks or circuits
  • Customize your set and rep scheme for each exercise
  • Create a Superset by linking two exercise blocks together 
  • Reorder blocks if needed
  • Save your session. Rinse and repeat to build a program

Quick start tip: use one of TrainHeroic’s built-in programs to get training onto your client’s calendar ASAP. 

Bottom Line: Your Library is your personal collection of programming assets. Save it all in one place including exercises, sessions, prescriptions and full programs. 

Pro Tips

  • Use demo videos to give your clients the real deal.Tap into the library of TH demos, or brand the experience by adding your own
  • Copy and paste single sessions or entire weeks, saving you precious minutes (and hours).
  • Ramp up the action with leaderboards. Keep your team alive by creating some friendly (or fiery) competition.

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