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Growing your coaching business doesn't have to be a struggle

We’ll help you:

  • Save time & stay organized
  • Look like a pro
  • Engage & retain clients like never before.


Get the most out of your account by following these easy steps.

explore the tools

The best place to start with TrainHeroic is by learning the basics of the powerful coaching tools before inviting your clients / athletes to the system. We recommend coaches take a dry run by programming for themselves before inviting clients to the system. 

Click the free trial button in the navigation to start a 14 day risk free trial of TrainHeroic

Dive into the easy-to-follow tour to help you learn how to get the most out of your trial

Experience the engaging training experience you'll deliver to your clients first-hand by programming and publishing a session on your own athlete calendar during your trial

Invite your clients / athletes

To get things started, you'll need to invite your client(s) to connect with you on TrainHeroic.

To add a client, simply navigate to your athletes tab in the left-hand navigation and select "add new athlete" to send a 1:1 invite. Be sure to customize the invitation email copy before sending. 


Pro tip: Creating Teams

  • If you plan to coach your clients in small or large groups, you can leverage the TEAMS functionality within TrainHeroic. Read more here
  • Once your teams are created, you can send team invites to groups of clients. Read more here.

Advanced: Before inviting your clients, personalize your account for the best client experience

When your client receives your invitation via email, they will see your profile image, your welcome message, and clear instructions on downloading the TrainHeroic mobile app to get connected with you. To provide the most branded experience, take the following steps before you invite your client to connect. 

Add your organization's branding


  • Add or edit your organization name to reflect your coaching business.
  • Add an organization logo to brand your custom exercise library. This is the logo your athletes will see if they need to swap out an exercise or add an exercise from your library to their session.

Upload your personal profile image


  • Download the TrainHeroic mobile app
  • Select your profile icon in the lower lower right. From here you will access your account settings to upload a profile image. This is the image your athletes will see when you connect with them and communicate with them through TH Chat.
Build a training session

Once you’ve sent an invite to your client, you will have access to their athlete calendar right away - even before they’ve accepted your invitation.

Now is a great time to get a head-start on programming on their 1:1 calendar! 

Programming basics

TrainHeroic’s immersive client training experience brings your programming to life, but that doesn’t mean building programs should take up all of your valuable time.

Explore the 5 basic functions of building a session below. Unlock your inner programming DaVinci with our advanced features designed to save you even more time. 

Add exercise blocks using the built-in library

Customize your set and rep scheme

Link two exercise blocks together to form a superset

Build a circuit

Reorder blocks


Exercises allow a coach to prescribe every set, rep, and load for a given movement. Think: loaded lifts like the bench press or back squat. Use exercises when you want to help your clients track performance data, like total volume or a max, over time. 


Circuits allow you to type a list of instructions and movements for the athlete to complete, but do not require the athlete to track specific sets and reps. Think: warm-ups or mobility circuits. You can also leverage circuits for workouts where you only need one variable tracked. Think: a crossfit-style metcon where the tracked variable is overall time or number of rounds completed. 

Coach Instructions

Typically one of the most often overlooked aspects of program design within TrainHeroic, the coach instructions are leveraged by our most successful coaches to set the tone for the day and to motivate and communicate with their clients.

Your clients will see these notes at the beginning of their training session. This is a great place to include information on the session’s focus, or even a motivational quote for inspiration. You can get extra creative by including a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video here.

Create Custom Exercises

Looking to add that special exercise you often program, but can't find it in the TrainHeroic exercise library? Prefer to call an exercise by a different name? Maybe you just want to fully brand your clients' experience training with you.

Just click "New Exercise" in the program designer to create it and save it to your library to be used again in the future. Our most successful coaches take the time to build out a full custom exercise library with their own videos to increase branding and familiarity with their clients.

Advanced: Building programming that scales

Programming Library

Sometimes building sessions on the fly just won't scale. Luckily, you can save and reuse common programming building blocks in your personal programming library. 

TrainHeroic’s integrated library allows you to build, save, and reuse programming elements including: supersets, circuits, custom prescriptions, single sessions, multi-week programs.

Leverage bulk copy & paste to quickly build out multi-week programs.

Start by building out the first week of the program and if the structure and main lifts of each session will remain relatively similar week to week, copy the entire week and paste it to quickly create several weeks of training. You can also apply “bulk selection” if you need to delete multiple sessions at once. Read more here.

Advanced: Programming from your phone

You’re busy and sometimes you will need to make last minute edits or changes to your client’s program on the fly.

On the TrainHeroic mobile app, you can perform some basic programming functions including:


          • Reschedule a session: Click on the 3-dot menu on the upper-right corner of the session and choose “Move Session”. From there, the date selector will pop up from the bottom and you will be able to scroll to whichever date you want to move the session to.
          • Create a new session: On a date that has no published sessions, click on the blue “Create Session” button. From here you will be able to add single exercises, supersetted exercises, and any circuits that are saved to your library. Once you have added exercise blocks, tap on the exercise to edit the prescription. When you’re finished building the session, select the blue “Publish” button on the bottom of the screen to make the session available to your client.

Read more here:

Using The Mobile App as a Coach: Creating New Sessions

Using the Mobile App as a Coach: Editing and Logging Sessions

schedule your client's training

Once you’ve built out a training session, multiple sessions, or even a full program on your client’s calendar, make it available to them right away by selecting “Publish Session”.

Or, save it for later! You can also schedule training sessions to be made available to your clients later by using our Autopublish feature. Read more here.

Advanced: Publish multiple weeks of programming at once

If you've built multi-week programming, save time and quickly deliver several weeks of training to your client’s calendar by selecting “Add from Library”. This will allow you to deliver a multiple-week program from your library directly to a client’s calendar. Read more here. 

Advanced: Log training for your client

Many coaches use TrainHeroic to provide hybrid in-person and remote training.

When working with your client in-person, you can log their training session on their behalf to keep them on task or to provide the ultimate in concierge training experience.

Do this by logging into your account on the TrainHeroic mobile app, pulling up your client’s training calendar and select “Log for Athlete” on today’s training session.

From here, you can log their training as well as make adjustments to their training like adding sets, swapping exercises, and adding additional exercises on to the end of the session.

Communicate with your clients / athletes

The real foundation of coaching is in improved and frequent communication, but this can be difficult in remote coaching contexts. 

Help your athletes stay connected and accountable by leveraging the modern messaging functionality of TH Chat. Encourage digital "face time" and connection even if you can't physically be with your athletes while they are training by following the tips below. 


Be proactive and kick off the conversation by sending a direct message welcoming your client / athlete to TrainHeroic and letting them know that their training session is available. 

Make it fun! Share a gif or “react” to a message your client sends with our built in emojis. Personalize your communications with your clients so they know it’s you they’re connecting with and not an automated bot.

Encourage your client to share progress pictures and/or technique-check videos of their lifts for you to review and provide feedback on. 

Elevate the value of your coaching! Make your coaching well-rounded by hyperlinking external content and resources in TH Chat for your client to access.

Client wellness extends beyond the weight room, so add value to your coaching by supporting the whole athlete. Leverage TH Chat to share resources on nutrition, sleep and recovery, exchange healthy recipes, and encourage your clients to share meal photos.

Communicate from your phone. Just like on web, you can leverage TH Chat to communicate with both individual clients and groups/teams of clients directly from your phone.

Use TH Chat to check in with your athletes frequently, if not daily. Show them you care and that you are available for help and support during their training journey.

Stay informed & keep your clients / athletes engaged

One of the biggest challenges in scaling your coaching practice is staying organized and saving time. Whether you’re working with your athletes in-person or remotely, keeping them engaged can be a challenge. 

Coach Home is a dashboard, surfacing important info in real-time. As your clients log their sessions information will automatically be populated here for you. 

Session Summary cards

Never miss an opportunity to add value for your clients. Session summary cards are automatically populated as your clients log their training in the TrainHeroic mobile app. They contain valuable summary information including session compliance, readiness information, session duration, perceived intensity, and total volume. 

Use the Readiness Score to Gauge Athlete Wellness: You’ve probably noticed some trends in how your athletes report their average Readiness Score. Easily keep an eye out for abnormal scores that could indicate some excessive external stressors in your athletes’ day-to-day and use it as an opportunity to personally check-in with that athlete.

Use the Summary Card for Programming Feedback: The Summary Card provides key feedback on your programming that your athletes might not directly give you. Much more than a simple check-in feature, the Summary Card allows you to quickly gain insight on crucial components of your programming: session completion, duration, intensity, and volume.

Communication Tools

Your athletes look to you to not only provide sound programming, but to also be a source of motivation, encouragement, and accountability. The TrainHeroic Coach Home feature will help you quickly and easily review feedback your athletes are providing and allow you to engage with them the minute you open the app.

If there’s one thing that’s true, daily communication with your clients will help keep them engaged, motivated, accountable, and on the path to success. With Coach Home, you can easily access both Session Comments and Direct Messaging with a client to ask how a specific exercise went or praise them on their hard work that day.


Session Comments

Your clients will be able to leave comments directly on their completed session. Your clients might use Session Comments to ask questions on timing, scaling, recommended exercise swaps, or to leave feedback on the intensity of the session. 

You can review Session Comments easily from Coach Home and reply back with text, GIfs, Images, or built-in reactions.

If your client is on a team, they will have the option to “Share with Coach and Team” on their team session. In this instance, those comments will be visible to anyone on the same team.

Direct Messages

Unlike Session Comments, Direct Messages aren’t tied to a specific training session. Leverage Direct Messaging to have a private conversation with your client about their goals and acknowledging daily successes to keep them accountable and motivated because at the end of the day, it’s all about progress, not perfection


Your clients can share videos for technique review in the Session Comments. This makes it clear which training session the video is from. 

Low programming notifications

You’re crushing the game with reviewing your clients’ data and keeping them engaged while they’re remote, but now it’s 9:00PM on Sunday night, you’re ready to get in bed, and you have that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something. 

Or even worse, you didn’t think to check your clients’ calendars and you are woken up by a text early Monday morning from one of your clients--”Hey Coach, I don’t see my programming for today?”

Never lose sight of who needs your attention with the Low Programming notification. From Coach Home, you can immediately view which athlete and/or team calendar(s) is running low on programming, allowing you to easily stay on top of your program delivery without ever running into the issue of your athletes experiencing a gap in their training.

Advanced: Staying Engaged on the go

Just like on web, you can review your athlete’s recently logged sessions, reply to session comments, review technique videos, and direct message your client.

The full functionality of coach home you experience on the desktop platform is available at your fingertips in the TrainHeroic app.