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Jeff LoVecchio

Dropped the Old School PDFs and Scaled a Niche Coaching Business Beyond his Wildest Dreams


Scale your efforts without working overtime.

Deliver an experience that feels and looks pro.

Coach Jeff LoVecchio.



The Scoop:

Jeff LoVecchio is a former professional ice hockey player turned strength and conditioning coach. As his hockey career entered its final years, he launched an off-ice training business on the side. He started out with two clients, and grew his roster to 250 the year he hung up his skates. He was getting clients in the door, but he soon realized his methods were inefficient and prevented him from delivering an elite experience.

The Problem:

Coach LoVecchio knew he lacked an efficient process to:

  • Build programming. (He was creating, printing, and storing PDFs.)
  • Deliver training programs to clients. (He was emailing PDFs to each individual client.)
  • Track his clients progress. (Clients recorded their own weights and returned the sheets to Jeff.)
  • Share video demos with his clients. (He wasted ample time searching for videos on YouTube.)

In a nutshell, he wasted countless hours each week with inefficient processes. It limited the number of clients he could take on, and he could only deliver a subpar experience to his paying customers.

The Solution:

With TrainHeroic, LoVecchio could leverage a powerful platform that allowed him to:

  • Build dynamite programming in a fraction of the time.
  • Effortlessly deliver training to clients anywhere in the world.
  • Track clients’ progress, with zero effort on his part.
  • Tap into the massive TH library of high quality video demos to use with clients.
  • Sell training programs online, impact more people, make money while he sleeps.

“At the time, it was just going to be passive income. Now it’s my main source of income.”

Jeff LoVecchio, RIPT Hockey

The Result:

Armed with TrainHeroic’s powerful platform and advanced tools, LoVecchio’s business transformed.

  • He spent a fraction of the time he was before, gaining back precious hours of his life.
  • He was able to deliver the absolute best experience to his clients, who all became his biggest fans.
  • He was able to expand and launch new niche programs for hockey moms and players’ wives.
  • His business boomed, and lept from a passive income stream to his main source of income.

RIPT Hockey

Earned more than $10K and signed up nearly 400 athletes in less than 45 days after starting with TrainHeroic.

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