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Gym Jones

Ditched their Custom App, Saved $100k, and Witnessed Raving Reviews from Clients


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The Scoop:

Gym Jones got its notoriety for training elite athletes, MMA fighters, NFL players, professional cyclists, military personnel, and actors. Remember the chiseled cast of 300? That was thanks to Gym Jones. In 2005, they spent over $10k to launch an online training program delivered via their new website. Business exploded. Members poured in by the hundreds, reaching 1200 members within 90 days. Soon after that, they hit a breaking point.

Gym Jones was now faced with:

  • Overwhelming member demands and technical complications, and no time to spend on growing the business.
  • A loss of over $10k from customers sharing their training plans, which had been downloaded 1,000s of times by non-paying customers.
  • A rise in member cancellations, and a plateau in new memberships.

The Problem

They decided to build a custom app in order to resolve the issues they were facing. Eventually, they learned the hard way that:

  • They had zero insight into their members’ behaviors, desires, or their experience using the app.
  • They were bleeding money trying to keep up with the tech.
  • Their members wanted a mobile-first experience that they could take with them to train. But they were not tech experts, and didn’t know how to build a complex app that did what their customers wanted.

The Solution:

Once they made the decision to ditch their custom app and leverage the TrainHeroic platform, the storm began to clear.

  • They now had an advanced, user-friendly platform equipped with all the tools that coaches and clients needed.
  • They were supported by an entire team dedicated to assisting clients with tech issues, and answering all their questions.

“Working with TrainHeroic felt like a partnership from the get-go, and that was huge for us.”

Gym Jones

The Result:

With a partner in TrainHeroic that was committed to Gym Jones’ success, the team could focus on growth again.

  • The headaches and losses of acting as a tech company were now replaced by the joys of growing an online business.
  • Members raved about the platform. They were now able to interact with each other and become part of a community.
  • The GJ team could rest easy knowing their members were happy, and they could focus their energy on the business.

Gym Jones

Transferred 1000+ members from their training groups and programs to TrainHeroic in less than 30 days.

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