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Every day, thousands of athletes search the TrainHeroic Marketplace to find a training program that fits their goals.


To sell programming in the Marketplace, please email our support team to enable your account.

Email [email protected] and ask us to enable your account

3 Steps to Start Selling

Once your account has been enabled to sell in the TrainHeroic Marketplace, follow these 3 simple steps to get started.

Build a program

Build and save a program to your library. Or, create a “team” to sell a programming subscription.

*You should have already completed this step

Build a sales page

Use our simple page builder to create a stunning sales page designed to optimize conversions.

Pre-launch check list

Finish our pre-launch checklist before launching your programming live in the Marketplace.

Step 1: Getting Started

Once you’ve received confirmation that your account is Marketplace seller enabled, you can begin building your products.

Decide which product type you’ll sell

First, decide which type of product you’d like to sell – a static program or a group coaching subscription.

Static Program


  • Fixed-length program (no need to keep updating programming!)
  • Build it once, set it and sell
  • Provide programming options to athletes who prefer an independent training environment
  • Buyers start the program on their schedule
  • Buyers do not receive access to you as a coach
  • Passive income generator

Group Coaching Subscription


  • Buyers pay you each month to maintain their membership to your coaching group
  • Update programming weekly
  • Build community with Leaderboards and TH Chat
  • Buyers start the program from the day they purchase. Jump right in!
  • Provide group coaching and encouragement through a group chat feed

*Sellers can only list their own custom programming (obviously).

**If you sell a programming subscription, you must keep your programming current


Access your marketplace settings directly from your teams menu or the program tab in your library.


Group Coaching Subscriptions

From here, navigate to your Marketplace tab and fill in the basic settings for your product. From here, you’ll control things like:

  • Price
  • Public listing or private
  • Whether you’d like to offer a free trial (only available on team subscription products)
  • Whether you’d like to sell your products to other coaches or only directly to clients

Step 2: Build a Sales Page

We’ve included all the elements you need to draw in your perfect clients.
No guesswork for you. Just follow our lead.

Our pagebuilder is designed to help you:

  • Draw in potential customers with a strong first impression
  • Show (and tell) customers the value your program delivers
  • List features included in your training plans with just a few clicks
  • Display a sample week of training
    Share testimonials from your current/past clients
    Add some customizable FAQs

Click this button to launch the pagebuilder

Our page editor is filled with little tool tips and “paint by numbers” helper text to walk you through the basics of building a high-converting page. The in-line editor allows you to build your page while previewing exactly what your audience will see.
TrainHeroic Marketplace | Build a landing page to sell your online training
TrainHeroic Marketplace | Build a landing page to sell your online training
Sell strength training programs online | TrainHeroic Marketplace
Sell strength training programs online | TrainHeroic Marketplace
Sell strength training programs online | TrainHeroic Marketplace

The green dots at the top of the pagebuilder show your progress, and you can save or preview your work at any time. The elements marked with an * are required before launching. 

Step 3: Pre-launch Checklist

Your programming is built, you’ve got a killer sales page built, now there are a few last steps to button up before you go live.

Set yourself up to get paid

Use attribution links for your marketing

Go live

Entering Your PayPal Info

Critical step: Just enter your PayPal account info before going live to ensure you get paid.

We pay our coaches via PayPal only on the 15th of every month for your sales occurring the prior month.

Navigate to “My Organizations” page from your avatar dropdown.

You can add important information about your organization from here including your PayPal email (this is never shared publicly).

Learn more about payments and pricing

Attribution Links

Our attribution solution allows you to look at traffic and conversions coming from different sources and marketing efforts. This is done by appending a special tracking code to a URL you’ll use as a link for specific marketing efforts. 

We include custom links for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linktree
  • Your website
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • Podcast
  • YouTube

We also allow for very simple creation of new links that you can customize to run affiliate marketing campaigns like never before. 

It is important to always use Attribution links in your marketing so that TrainHeroic can give you credit (and better pricing) for the sales you drive versus the sales driven by TrainHeroic Match service. Learn More

Access your attribution dashboard from your account avatar dropdown.

From here, simply copy and paste the pre-made channel attribution links or create your own for additional channels.

Go live

You’re ready to launch! Navigate back to your sales page and select the “go live” button. Market your new products, and watch your business grow. You’ll only be able to publish your sales page if all sections marked with an * are marked with a green check. 

Learn more about Marketplace analytics for post-launch success. 

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