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Nov 19, 2021 | Strength & Conditioning

Get in peak performance shape, for your next meet

Your search for the best powerlifting programs is over.

Powerlifters are a special breed. Anyone who can suffer through brutal, heavy training sessions day in and day out just to give gravity a fat middle finger has to be, like, a little crazy. Good-crazy for sure, but still.

Not to mention all the food a lifter has to eat in order to become an absolute barbarian. They never tell you that eating for size and strength is a full-time job.

The powerlifting community is one of sacrifice—giving up your time for hours in the gym, giving up cable flys and cardio for compound movements, giving up size L shirts for XXXL. Putting up the biggest numbers possible means feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck on a regular basis and almost nobody wants to do that. 

But there’s nothing like the energy on meet day. Teams of heavy-breathing, tattooed meatheads ready to wreck some weight. Everywhere you turn: traps that look like they belong on black angus bulls, chests like flank steaks, backs like mountains, legs that can squat whole cars, and enough back hair to make a grizzly blush. 

Like other strength sports, powerlifting training can be repetitive and isolating. Every week you’re hammering away at your squat, bench, and deadlift to move the needle on your numbers however you can. Sometimes you’re doing all the work solo in a dark, chalky corner of the gym.  

But you know the truth: all the nose torque in the world cannot out-perform shitty powerlifting programming.

Whether you like to focus on raw lifts, single-ply or multi-ply, you need to see progress on your max effort attempts—otherwise, what’s the point? Why suffer if you’re not getting stronger across the board?

TrainHeroic’s top online powerlifting training programs are here to improve your work capacity and increase your total. Grind with guidance and a purpose, and we can guarantee you’ll crash through your sticking points.

Get professional powerlifting training sessions delivered to your phone from some of the biggest, baddest powerlifting coaches in the world. Track your squat, bench, and deadlift numbers over time. Keep tabs on your training with direct access to your coach. You can even expect to work on some of those neglected details that’ll give you an edge like grip strength and optimal pulling position.  

If you’re waiting for a sign to get serious, this is it. Grab your belt, your straps, and lace up your chucks.

Ditch your excuses and get to work. 



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The best powerlifting programs on the internet

Greg Panora Training Systems

Greg Panora (@big_papi_panora) is an OG in the world of powerlifting. He trained at Westside Barbell under Louie Simmons when the legacy of blood, sweat, and savagery was just beginning. With two decades of experience and seven world records under his belt, Greg has the authority to tell it like it is. Effort and intensity are the bottom line on Greg’s team—stick to the basics, show up and lift with a purpose. Be sure to check out his Hypertrophy Program for serious size gains.

Online powerlifting programs - Greg Panora via TrainHeroic

Bonnie Schroeder (@bonschro) is one bad babe. She won her first PL comp at age 26 and has continued strength training after a double mastectomy. Bonnie’s powerbuilding team is “zero bullshit” programming designed to develop your strength, aesthetics, and confidence with a barbell. She’s clearly committed to developing a community of passionate athletes who empower and motivate each other to courageously harness the badass within.

Team Unchained

Unchained Strength (@unchained_strength) is run by tatted powerlifting bombshell, Christy Senay (@krispy_kremez), and her strongman beau, Gary Piotrowski (@gary_biceps). Christy started her fitness journey with weight loss, but soon discovered the mad love for lifting heavy. Her carefully crafted programming is influenced by both strongman and powerlifting methods. Unchained Strength also offers a killer powerbuilding program, Look Strong Naked, if you’re tired of fitting the “fat powerlifter” stereotype.

Tactical Powerlifting by Josh Bryant

Based out of Texas, Josh Bryant (@jailhousestrong), is a world-record powerlifter and winner of the 2005 Strongest Man in America title. Josh has put in the reps over time as a coach, author, and speaker in the S&C space. His Tactical Powerlifting is no-frills training that helps athletes feel prepared to perform in life or death situations. Expect a gnarly combination of barbell work and functional movements like pulls, rucks, carries, and sled drags. It’s “good old fashioned hard work, sweat, persistence, and sacrifice.”

Kabuki Strength Peak to Compete 

A huge name in powerlifting, Kabuki Strength (@kabukistrength) puts out a ton of lifting equipment and cool merch, but they also have some of the most popular PL teams on the market. Peak to Compete gets you ready for your next meet while giving athletes around the globe a chance to push themselves through virtual competitions. You don’t need a singlet and you don’t need to be a part of the IPF. Also check out their Strong & Mobile team if you want to be able to touch your toes one day. 

Wenning Strength Conjugate Training

With a masters in Sport Biomechanics and world records in both equipped and raw powerlifting, Matt Wenning (@realmattwenning) is one heck of a strength coach. Over the years he’s trained monster powerlifters, NFL players, and tactical athletes like police, military, and special forces. Together with his head coach, Ted Cox, the Wenning Strength team pushes both hard training and strategic recovery for a super effective take on the conjugate method. 

Honorable Mention: Conjugate Powerlifting by Team Queen Bee

For the bulky bitches and brawny baddies in the LGBTQ+ community, Queen Bee Power has you covered!

Lily Frei Headshot

Lily frei

Lily is TrainHeroic’s Marketing Content Creator and a CF-L1 with an English background. She was a successful freelance marketer for the functional fitness industry until being scooped up by TrainHeroic. An uncommon combo of bookish, artsy word-nerd and lifelong athlete, Lily is passionately devoted to weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, dance, and aerial acrobatics. Find her showcasing her artist-athlete hobbies on IG @lilylectric.

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