TrainHeroic’s Massive Gift Guide for the Fitness Nerd in Your Life

Nov 30, 2023 | Strength & Conditioning

The most wonderful time of the year—when everything is on sale and your inbox is flooded with promos and each time you click “purchase”, you can feel your bank account groan. 

But man, there is some cool stuff out there. And who doesn’t love giving a unique gift to someone important in their life? 

It’s time to #treatyoself (or actually shop for others)

Honestly, most gift guides kind of suck. They include silly stuff that doesn’t make sense, gifts that are too expensive or utterly useless. For the kind of Type-A personalities that train in Crossfit, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic weightlifting, you want to make your gift count.

Gifting Tip: When it comes to finding the right gift (especially for the bros), it’s a good idea to replace something old/used that your giftee already has, or give them something to enhance an activity they already do every day, like training. 

We hunted down some of the top-gifted gear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for the athlete who has it all. We also tried to keep things realistic here. You won’t find any $5k investments (you already know if you’re looking to commit to a big gift anyway) or random dumb stuff. Enjoy!

We’re all wishing for a visit from Lift-o Claus this Holiday season. But even the big guy might need some help with gift ideas. 

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Fitness Gift Guide for the home gym warrior

Sorinex Cast Iron Kettlebells

Just one kettlebell can open up a world of movement opportunities for your at-home workouts. Having a weight with a handle means you can do pretty much anything with it—swings, squats, carries, presses, snatches, thrusters—and it’s portable for training outside. Cast iron is also durable and won’t break the bank. If your buddy’s home gym is lacking KBs, grab one or two of these.

Rogue Home Timer

Sometimes it helps to think about what’s missing from their garage setup. What’s one of the last things to make it into the home gym? A timer. It’s too easy to just use your phone (especially with the TrainHeroic built-in smart timers), but having a huge visible timer makes the garage feel that much more official and serious as a gym space.

Kabuki Strength ShouldeRök

The reviews speak for themselves on this one. The ShouldeRök is a unique training tool for developing strong, healthy shoulders and bulletproof rotator cuffs. Use it in warmups or as accessory work to improve your mobility, increase rotational strength, and reinforce correct breathing and bracing for heavy lifts. So many reviewers say “it’s worth every penny” that this one might go on the #treatyourself list. 

The Chalk Pot

A cool and convenient stocking stuffer, the chalk pot is magnetic so you can stick it anywhere you need it. It won’t get kicked over like a bucket and the deep pocket keeps chalk inside instead of all over the floor. It’s a gift they’ll definitely use even if it’s not an absolutely necessary one.

Sorinex Landmine Rack Attachment

For all your single-leg RDL needs, having one of these in your home gym is like a little cherry on top of a sundae. If you want to gift your home gym warrior something unique, useful, and not crazy expensive, this one rig attachment can serve a ton of different purposes. Hook it into your rig, stick one end of your barbell into the collar and you’re ready to go—landmine presses, deadlifts, rows, squats, lunges, you name it.

Grindstone by PowerAthlete

Having a home gym is great and all, but imagine the complete package: home gym AND badass online programming to keep you chipping away at your fitness goals. Grindstone by PowerAthlete (@powerathletehq) is coached by former NFL athlete, John Welbourn. It’s all business, but flexibly designed for the at-home athletes.

Fitness Gift Guide for the mobility-challenged

Exploring Mobility by Vernon Griffith

Hugely popular in the TrainHeroic Marketplace is this Exploring Mobility program by mobility master, Vernon Griffith (@vernongriffith4). This is a six week program with four 15-20 minute workouts per week aimed at improving your hip, ankle, t-spine, and shoulder range of motion. “Think about it as your daily multivitamin.”

Voodoo Floss Bands

When Kelly Starrett (@thereadystate) started showing us the benefits of compression therapy using this weird flattened rubber band, we were all skeptics. But the first time you compress and floss your cranky knee, you’ll become a believer. Floss bands are less commonly included in your buddy’s box of mobility tools, but they’re excellent for scrubbing out sticky tissues and getting those joints mobile.  

The Supernova 2.0

Because he’s the mobility GOAT and the Supple Leopard guru, KStarr has also created a lacrosse ball on steroids. Because of it’s puzzle-piece surface area, this sucker takes very little effort to absolutely demolish your glutes, hammies, and large muscle groups. The Ready State also offers awesome mobility kits for all your trigger point myofascial release needs.

AcuZone Cupping Set

A cupping set is an inexpensive and awesome addition to any athlete’s mobility arsenal. Cupping brings blood flow to a muscle group by pulling those janky tissues away from wherever they’re glued in. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Plus, the bruises are like an athlete’s badge of hard work.

Hyperice Hypervolt Go

Portable, powerful, and pretty quiet—if you’re not ready to shell out for one of the big boy massage gun models, this mini version by Hyperice is a perfect choice. Once you experience the “ooh, ahh, ouch” of pro-level percussion massage, this baby will never leave your side. 



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Fitness Gift Guide for the strong ladies in your life

A Matching Fleo Set

Fleo is one of the top newer brands in athletic wear for a reason. Their fabric is buttery-soft, stretchy, supportive, and perfect for every fitness sesh. Trust us, guys. If you get your girl a matching bra and shorts/tights set by Fleo, they’ll never want to train in anything else and chances are they’ll ask for another set on their birthday. Allow a lady to recommend the Reinette bra + Power High Rise combo.

Rogue Tote Bag

Simple, cool, tough, and multi-functional, this bag is great for everything—the gym, yoga, dance class, the airport, a camping trip, grocery shopping, hauling around tools or whatever adventures she finds herself on. If your lady is always using random bags for her *stuff*, help her style out with this one. (We like the black and olive green.)

2POOD Lifting Belt

God bless the heavy-lifting women in our lives. What better way to show your support and appreciation than with a brand new belt? 2POOD is our go-to with sparkly and fun patterns, plus smaller sizes for smaller-bodied people. If she’s just been using whatever random belt she finds in the gym, for goodness’ SAKE, get her one of her own! 

Born Primitive Jorts

With so many good reviews, these are bound to be a hit. Stretchy, booty-contouring, and great for thick thighs—check out a pair of your girl’s workout shorts if you’re not sure what size to get. Chances are good that if she wears a medium in workout shorts, she’d get a medium in these. Pat yourself on the back later when she’s wearing them out to a football game and her butt looks amazing.  

A Freakin’ Spa Day or Massage Therapy Session

If you have an athletic woman in your life (or any woman at all, really), on any given day she could use a full-body massage. Don’t do the Massage Envy thing. Google a local spa with good reviews and buy her a 60+ minute massage or a gift card for one. She will use it and you will be celebrated for it. 

Legs Like a MF by Maddy Forberg

Coach Maddy Forberg (@maddyforberg) is here to build thick thighs with an unbeatable posterior chain program for bad babes. Every lady athlete wants tree trunk legs to move weight, support them through life, and crush their enemies. “LLAMF is 5 days per week, it’s beginner friendly, and it emphasizes building strength through compound movements.”

Gift Guide for the crossfitter in your life

Custom RPM Speed Rope

Who knew jump ropes could be so colorful?? RPM ropes are top of the line on the CF scene. You can design the handle styles and choose a rope color to match. These ropes last forever and the handle spin speed is smooth as butter. A++

A Brutal CF Program in TrainHeroic’s Marketplace

One of the coolest gifts for your CF-obsessed friend (or yourself) is a membership to an expert program or team from TrainHeroic’s online marketplace. Coached by Crossfitlebrities like Matt Chan (@matt1chan), Jamie Hagiya (@jamiejoyce2), and Ricky Gerard (@rickygarard), you can’t go wrong with a challenging new program to help you set some hefty PRs. Click here to see what we’ve got.

2POOD Rope Gator

If your homie is still using some weird combination of knee sleeve and tape or tall socks on rope climb day, for the love of bruised shins, help them out. The Rope Gator makes for a solid stocking stuffer and an accessory they didn’t know they needed. 

Gym Bag Deodorizers

Let’s not pretend your bag doesn’t smell like a sour wet animal sometimes. Even after washing everything, the stank can stick. These odor-absorbing charcoal inserts are “rechargeable” by setting them in the sun once a month. You might want to buy two pairs if you have one of those extra smelly smells. 

TYR Sunglasses

Busting onto the CrossFit scene is swim gear company, TYR, with some popular sunglasses for athletes. The styles come in tons of color combos and are durable enough to handle being thrown around outside. TYR also has goggles, fins, swim caps, all the goods for working on your swimming capacity.

Nutrition and Supplements

Trifecta Meal Plan

Everybody’s gotta eat and athletes in particular are reliably in need of fuel. This makes for a ton of time spent on weekly grocery trips, meal prep, and cooking. Luckily, food prep is also one of the easiest things to outsource these days. If you’re all about practical gifts they’ll be thanking you for later, grab a subscription to Trifecta and take the effort in meal planning off their plate. PS. You can also buy just cooked proteins.

Beam Dream CBD Powder

Beam has been leading the way for CBD in sports with famous athletes signing on to support the brand. Taking CBD before bed helps you stay asleep and get deeper REM cycles for better recovery. Beam’s new limited holiday Dream flavor, white chocolate peppermint, is supposed to be delicious. Also be sure to check out The Fixer CBD balm for those daily aches (my mom loves this stuff).


LMNT Hydration Sticks

Completely underrated habit: chugging a glass of water first thing in the morning. But water by itself is usually too boring to jump in front of your morning coffee. LMNT hydration is a tasty way to get some essential minerals with your water. According to our team-wide poll, citrus and watermelon are the best flavors. 

Four Sigmatic Chill

On the forefront of mushroom technology is Four Sigmatic with some cool blends for every part of your day. Their line of decaf chill mixes are made with reishi, a mushroom that helps manage stress and support healthy sleep cycles. Create a relaxing new nighttime ritual and end your day with some reishi goodness. 

Team TrainHeroic’s Official Gift Guide

We asked members of team TrainHeroic what’s on their wishlist for the Holidays. These selections come highly recommended by the same folks who bring you the best training platform on the planet.

Josh Sutchar

Josh Sutchar

As Co-founder and VP, Josh has been on his professional journey with TrainHeroic since 2011. Josh played football for coach Jim Harbaugh at the University of San Diego and was lucky enough to be coached by strength coach Shannon Turley (Stanford) and Stephane Rochet (US Navy). Today, Josh is Director of Business Development. He’s been waiting patiently since 2009 for the phone to ring with the NFL commissioner announcing he’s been drafted and we just don’t have the heart to tell him to give it up…

Strong Coffee Instant Latte

I’m a sucker for a caffeinated drink that gets me going, but doesn’t have me crashing. I’ve got a 1-year-old at home, so nobody has time for a crash. My go-to gift for all parents (and yourself) is a bag of instant latte from Strong Coffee Company. A bag makes 30 servings and it tastes amazing blended with a little bit of milk.


Coupons From the Heart

Call me cheap or call me creative, but I love gifting “coupons” especially to my wife or family members. They’re cheap, sure, but they’re usually really appreciated too. That’s a win:win in my book. For example, I might write a card that includes a “20-minute foot massage” coupon or a “send your husband to Starbucks or Dairy Queen” coupon. (Tell us your  love language is acts of service without telling us…)

Theragun Elite

If money ain’t so much a thang, my Theragun is my most prized possession. It goes with me everywhere. The Elite version makes for the ultimate gift (especially if it’s something you’ll have access to yourself!).

Josh Sutchar

Ben Crookston

Ben Crookston is the Founder and CEO of TrainHeroic. Prior to finding his home in the tech world, Ben ordered the Sampler off the career menu — teaching, coaching, and writing. Strength training has been a huge part of his athletic career since his football days. He’s devoted to his wife and two children, and has a back squat PR of 500# A2G.

Outway Socks

These are a creative alternative to the popular Stance designs. Bright colors, nature scenes, abstract stuff—it’s art for your feet. The perfect stocking stuffer! (Does anyone else think putting gift socks inside hanging socks for the holidays is kind of hilarious…)


Vuori Kore Shorts

Lightweight, flexible, and breathable with a boxer-brief lining, these shorts have 4k 5 star reviews because they rock. They’re so comfortable and easy to wear, you might as well get yourself a pair while shopping for your bro. 

Daily Destroyer by Matt Vincent

Matt Vincent runs Not Dead Yet (@notdeadyet_brand) and coaches Daily Destroyer, one of the best TrainHeroic programs for active dads. “Daily Destroyer was created to help you stay ready, stay dialed in, and take action.” Be sure to check out some of the killer NDY swag for outdoor and athletic apparel with super cool designs. Contribute to the Chaos is a crowd favorite.

DJ Horton Headshot

Molly sughroue

Molly Sughroue is a six-time Big 12 champion and All-American track athlete from Oklahoma State, currently training for the 2024 Olympic trials. She combines her experience working with world-class coaches, athletes, and sports psychologists to edit content for the Training Lab Blog.

Swair Showerless Shampoo

I swear by Swair. Working a full-time job on top of working out two to three hours a day doesn’t leave much time for hair washing and styling. Whether I’m finishing up intervals at the track or sweating it out at the gym, I know I can still make it the my next meeting looking fresh with this showerless shampoo. 

Fuel Your Body: How to Cook and Eat for Peak Performance

I wish I found this cookbook much sooner in life. Not only are the recipes delicious and easy to make, but the author also provides a solid nutrition rundown in the first few chapters. She explains certain cooking techniques, food to always have stocked, ideal supplements for athletes, and basic kitchen must-haves for every athlete. This is a perfect gift for college students, parents of young athletes, or anyone looking to improve their nutrition habits.

Mobo Board

Most people don’t think about training their feet. But they should. Designed by a physical therapist and biomechanical researcher, the Mobo Board is teaches athletes how to drive through their big toe while strengthening the muscles in their calves and arch. More big toe activation = more power. Simply a must-have for anyone who supinates, overpronates, or wants to become more powerful from the ground up.

Lily Frei Headshot

Lily frei

Lily is TrainHeroic’s Marketing Content Creator and a CF-L1 with an English background. She was a successful freelance marketer for the functional fitness industry until being scooped up by TrainHeroic. An uncommon combo of bookish, artsy word-nerd and lifelong athlete, Lily is passionately devoted to weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, dance, and aerial acrobatics.

Reyllen Fingerless Gymnastics Grips

If there was an award for Best Gymnastics Grips for People Who Hate Grips, these would win it. I should know, I’m one of those people. I tried them all and hated them all, so I stubbornly suffered with taped-up rips and painful showers. When I noticed everyone in my new gym had the same pair of black and yellow grips, I tried them on and ordered a pair that day. Sure, they take a couple weeks to arrive from the UK or whatever, but they’re 100% worth it—thin, tough, grippy, and no stupid finger holes. 

VIICAYA Gravity Legging

Not only does Mattie Rogers (@mattierogersoly) offer some absolutely stellar Olympic weightlifting programming, but her new activewear brand is making waves with inclusive designs and gender-neutral sizing. Her lifting tights are tried-and-tested with unique construction and fabrics made for some hard training abuse. Plus, they’re super cute and flattering for all booties. 

TrueNutrition J-Flex9

For the 30+ athletes starting to experience the ravages of old age, this stuff is the BOMB. Even taking a smaller dose every day staves off the occasional “my joints are made of concrete” feeling. Whatever magical collagen or unicorn tears they put in this stuff makes it totally worth keeping a bottle around for yourself or gifting it to your friend with a “You’re Old Now, XOXO” message. 

Kelli Fox

max davis

Max is one of TrainHeroic’s dedicated software engineers and a former D1 distance runner for UCLA. He made the jump to competitive CrossFit and has his eyes on the CrossFit Games. He’s currently a Training Think Tank athlete who takes his workouts seriously. When he’s not coding for work, he’s deadlifting 580# and running a faster mile than you can in your wildest dreams.

Rogue Fractional Plates 

These help me build strength in smaller increments, which is super useful for Olympic lifts. When just 5lbs feels like a ridiculous jump, but 2-3 is doable, fractional plates come in handy.

ABG Thumb Tape

For weightlifters of all levels, ABG tape is stretchy but supportive. It’s easy to tear and allows for maximum flexibility while maintaining grip strength. Using it for my snatch and C&J training definitely gives me an edge.

Rogue Ohio Barbell

One of the best, top-of-the-line barbells out there, the Ohio bar is an incredible gift for strength athletes. It’s insanely durable, easy to handle, and has killer spin. Buy your favorite athlete one of these if you really want to impress them.

Bonus badass gymwear

Move Fast Lift Heavy Gear

If at this point you’re still like “I just need more apparel suggestions”, definitely check out MFLH (@movefastliftheavy) by insanely fit CrossFit Games athlete, Christian Harris. And while you’re at it, scope out his functional training team for access to Christian as your head coach. 

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