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Join the marketplace where athletes come to find coaches like you

Let us be your marketing pro

Tools that are a cinch to use. Flawlessly designed to get you the highest conversions, driving over 1 million unique visitors per year. 

Our tools unlock your potential

Bring your training programs to life with the TrainHeroic app. Customize everything from your sales pages to exercise videos, and more!

Stop stressing over client billing

Billing and payments are entirely built-in, making this an effortless part of your business (finally). Painless for you and your clients!

Our Straightforward Mission: Help You Find and Keep New Clients


We’ve worked with thousands of personal trainers, gym owners, and strength coaches just like you, all trying to combat this same challenge. That’s why we’re dedicated to building the world’s largest training marketplace. The one-stop shop for the world’s best training, the place where athletes across the globe come first.  


Lizzy Bristow

“I think of TrainHeroic as like, the next Etsy for personal trainers. If I want something cute & handmade for my girlfriend, I’m gonna go to Etsy. If you need a personalized, custom program or you’re looking for a personal trainer, you should think of TrainHeroic Marketplace just like you think of Etsy.”

Maddy Forberg

“I left the company I worked with before joining TrainHeroic, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. But the team made getting started insanely easy, they did the heavy lifting, and they blew away my expectations. I’ve invested in my personal business quite a bit since then and I’m so excited with what we can do together!” 

Paul Carter

“I have the freedom, flexibility, and financial security that I was chasing for far too long. TrainHeroic puts my brand in bright lights and gives me the flexibility to run MY community and write MY programming exactly how I want to.”

Don’t let your business get left behind

  • Get more clients; spend less money. Tap into a robust Marketplace with over 1 million potential clients.

  • Use one seamless platform for all aspects of your biz: Sales page, payments, managing clients, etc.


  • Ditch those PDFs and give your clients the best training experience with a modern tool they’ll love.


Shoppers per year

Revenue generated for our coaches

Experience optimizing the tech for TrainHeroic’s coaches and athletes

Spend more time coaching, and let us worry about the rest

Trainheroic free programs

No need to build your own website. Sail through the process of building your sales page with our easier-than-pie page builder, optimized to help you sell more programming. You’ll look like a pro without losing sleep. 

Trainheroic free programs

No more hassle with billing and payments, we’ve got you covered. Payment processing is built in. Getting paid by your clients has never been easier. All you need is a Paypal account.

Trainheroic free programs

You bring the coaching skills, we bring a modern tool to make those skills shine more fiercely than ever. Remote training becomes a breeze with our advanced, user-friendly app for athletes. 

Turn your passion into profit, and love doing it

The TrainHeroic Marketplace provides two options for selling your programming to athletes across the globe:


Static programs

  • Build it once, sell it unlimited times
  • Build a program of any length 
  • Clients pay one time
  • Clients train independently, set it and forget it as a seller

Training subscriptions

  • Deliver dynamic programming on a single calendar for a group of athletes
  • Create a dynamic community with team messaging feeds
  • Clients pay a recurring, monthly fee
  • Sellers maintain programming on a monthly or weekly basis

Simple, transparent fees

Free access with any TrainHeroic plan

Selling in the TrainHeroic Marketplace doesn’t require an additional fee with any active TrainHeroic coach license. Plans start at only $9.99 / month

Pay less when you drive the sale

For all sales attributed to your unique sales link, you’ll pay: $1 / client / month

A simple matching service fee

For sales driven by TrainHeroic, you earn 70% of the sale price, and TH gets 30%. We call these “Matches.” 

Low credit card processing fees

ALL sales come with a one-time bank fee of 2.9% + $0.30

Getting paid is a cinch

You’ll be paid on the 15th of each month, via PayPal, for the prior month’s sales

Ready to ignite your business growth?

  1. Build your programming with TrainHeroic’s tools (free trial)

2. Set up your seller account and build your sales page

3. Grow your business!

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