About this section: 

We’ll walk you through the basics of programming in TrainHeroic below by creating a simple 1-week program to use with your athletes during your free 2-week trial. 

We recommend that you complete this step prior to doing anything else within TrainHeroic. 


What we’ll cover: 

  • Building your first program 
  • Session design tools
  • Customizable exercises and circuit library 
  • Adding rep schemes
  • Creating supersets
  • Saving your program into your library
  • Using TrainHeroic’s new mobile programming features


1. Make sure you’re at your desktop or laptop computer

2. Login to your account by clicking below


// building your first program for your athletes

We suggest starting with a small 1-week test program consisting of 2 sessions. Once you’ve kicked the tires you can build out an extensive library, but for now, ease into it by following the instructions below.

1. Click on the Library icon from the left-hand toolbar.

2. Next, click Create New in the top right-hand corner.

3. Fill out the information in the pop-up

4 . Now, add a training session by clicking the ADD option when hovering over Week 1 Day 1.

*Take note that there are no specific dates since you’ll add this program to a Team or Athlete’s calendar later, starting on any date you choose. 

// Using TrainHeroic’s Session design tools

Once you’ve added a training session, you’ll start with a blank canvas. Notice the text field labeled “Session Notes.” This is a great opportunity to set the tone with your athletes for the day’s session, especially if you’re coaching remotely. 


1. Each training session is organized into Blocks, and you’ll begin by clicking Add Block. 

2. Then, search for a specific movement to add to Block A. Begin typing the name of an exercise and our built-in library will automatically filter to show you relevant results. 


TrainHeroic also allows you to add custom exercises, complete with custom video and points of performance, to your personal library at any time.

3. Once you’ve added a movement, add your rep scheme by clicking Select Prescription.
You’ll notice several options for commonly used rep schemes in the dropdown. You can also create your own by selecting “Custom Table”. Easily save this for future use by clicking “Save Prescription to Library.”
You can choose to be prescriptive by adding in a prescribed weight or percentage, or you can choose to leave cells empty so that the athletes can pick their own starting point. Keep in mind that your athletes will always be able to adjust what you’ve prescribed, too.
4. Lastly, add notes like rest times, tempos, rep-ranges, and anything else that you’d like to communicate with your athlete, specific to this block.

5. Now that Block A is complete, simply click Add Block to add another block to the training session.


Blocks can be combined to create a Superset by clicking the link between blocks.

// using circuits in trainheroic

Another option that you’ll notice is the option to create a circuit by clicking New Circuit.

Programming with circuits gives you a quick and easy method for designing warmups, cooldowns, and anything within a training session that doesn’t require the athlete to log their specific sets and reps.

1. Add specific movements to your circuit in the circuit details box. You can also add one or more videos to your circuit by clicking the + Video button.


You can quickly save Circuits so that you can reuse a warmup or cooldown anytime by clicking “Save Circuit to Library”. 

// Saving your program to your trainheroic library

TrainHeroic’s library allows you to save sessions, programs, excersises and circuits. Build it once, use it forever. It’s easy to add saved sessions to your athletes’ calendars. 

1. Once you’ve finished designing a training session, click Back to Program in the top left to save your session and add it to the program’s calendar.

2. You’ve now created a training session on Week 1 Day 1 in your Library. Continue designing the rest of your sessions the same way in order to complete the desired duration of the program. 


Did you know you can copy and paste sessions in TrainHeroic? Simply right click, select “copy session”, then right click on the day you want to duplicate your session, and select “paste session”

// Using TrainHeroic’s mobile programming features

TrainHeroic’s desktop-based programming tools allow you to program at scale. But, we all know coaching, like life, doesn’t always go as planned.

Our mobile programming tools allow you to build a session from scratch directly from your mobile device.

1. When you launch the TrainHeroic mobile app, you’ll see the calendars associated with your coach account (including your own training calendar).

If you have not yet invited your athletes or clients to the platform, you’ll only see your training calendar.  You can create a session for yourself and log it as well to experience TrainHeroic like your athlete or client would. 

2. Click the blue “Create Session” button to begin creating a session from scratch. 

3. Build your training session using exercises and supersets. 

4. Click “Publish” to push the training session live to your athlete’s calendar. 

// editing programming on the trainheroic mobile app

Sometimes you need to adjust to life’s curveballs on the fly. Our new mobile programming features allow you to do just that, right from the gym floor. All you need is your phone. 

With the TrainHeroic mobile programming features you can:

  • Edit sessions on the fly by adding, deleting, or swapping exercises
  • Add or delete sets
  • Reschedule sessions 
  • Delete sessions when athletes need a break
  • Copy and paste sessions on the calendar to iterate on existing programming
  • Log on behalf of your clients or athletes directly from the gym floor

To learn more about editing sessions using the TrainHeroic mobile app click the link below. 




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