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Taylor Haney

Coach Taylor is a former collegiate soccer player, having received athletic and academic scholarships at King University.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on economics and marketing. He has worked in the financial services industry for 13 years, but in 2019 sold his private financial planning practice to pursue his passion in fitness.  He is currently the head coach and majority owner of Reach Functional Fitness in Knoxville, TN – a unique gym that brings together obstacle course racers, Crossfitters, Olympic lifters, and individuals and families who seek a facility that can prepare them both physically and mentally for life’s challenges. Taylor and his wife Megan have three sons and live a life that reflects their personal values. Taylor is an entrepreneur, outdoorsman, and fitness enthusiast.  He absolutely loves to train and enjoys testing himself in obstacle course racing. His wife Megan -a fitness enthusiast in her own right – homeschools their 3 sons. As a result of their lifestyle choices, they get the opportunity to pour into many people’s lives. Since opening their own gym, they have begun to build a unique community and life around their passions. 

// Wondering how to help your athletes? Offer up your value

“Offer Value When Everyone Else Just Wants to Be Different”

When I decided to open a gym, I knew I needed to do something more than just build a facility that had more squat racks or dumbbells than the next place. I needed to offer something different; something with value.  Different doesn’t always equate to value, though. Look no further than fitness fads and equipment that come and go. Shake weight, anyone?

The landscape of fitness and training has changed over the last decade. With the proliferation of YouTubers and IG fitness personalities, it seems people are no longer chasing the next best piece of equipment, but rather the next “expert” to tell them what to do to reach their goals.

Whether it be a fancy new diet or sexy new exercise, there is always something new on the horizon.  With that said, one constant has remained: smart and purposeful training.

As a coach, we want to help our athletes.  Help them get better. Help them lose weight/gain muscle. Help them increase speed, endurance, and agility.  Help them stay on track. I want to be a coach that eliminates barriers to success.

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Programming can make an Impact

When I opened Reach, I decided to focus on three deliverables: environment, coaching, and programming. While these all seem easy enough to delivery, implementation is where most people get hung up.  For the purpose of this blog, I’d like to briefly focus in on programming and how TrainHeroic has elevated my gym from being different to having value beyond fancy equipment and a clean facility. 

In a previous life, I was a financial planner and analyst. What set me apart from my peers was the ease of implementation and tracking of plans I set forth for individuals, families, and businesses.  The key to this was technology; and a willingness to do the work on the front end.

TrainHeroic is an absolute game-changer for the coach who understands that programming is only as good as its delivery, tracking capabilities, and accountability standards. Prior to opening Reach, I researched various products for delivering programming to athletes and members.  Most programs I looked at could “get the job done”, but nothing was quite what I was looking for. I finally stumbled upon TrainHeroic and set up a phone call. It wasn’t until after a 2-week trial with the product that I realized I had just stumbled upon the biggest value proposition I could offer to potential members and athletes of my future gym.

Testament to TrainHeroic

There are two ways we use TrainHeroic at Reach. Our primary usage is the creation of a large menu of programs for paying members to choose from.  The second is for coaching individual clients and small groups. 

I personally have spent close to 200 hours inputting programs into TrainHeroic that cover a wide range of training styles – anything from functional bodybuilding to obstacle course racing.  We currently have 89 different programs for members to choose from. As a result, our members are willing to pay a higher gym fee than other gyms to have access to our programming. They love the app!  They can track their workouts every day. Members tell me they miss fewer days because they don’t like seeing untracked sessions on their calendar. 

For our coaches/trainers, TrainHeroic has elevated their offering.  No more excel spreadsheets and emails. Their clients simply love the ease of use of the app and the ability to message with their coach.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to eliminate barriers to success.  TrainHeroic has truly allowed me to do this in an efficient manner. Our facility is top notch and our coaches are amazing, but most people simply do not know what to do when they walk into a facility like Reach.  TrainHeroic solves this issue. Members get a program assigned to them based on their goals. Our programs are built around our facility and the coaches know who to perform every exercise we utilize in the programs.  As part of our onboarding, we tell new members to get a program and to look at every session in advance and watch the videos. If they have questions when they get here, our coaches can help. We encourage our members to be independent.  As a result, they are.

Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/reachfunctionalfitness/

I cannot tell you how worthwhile it is to put the time into TrainHeroic.  By investing the time on the front end and making yourself and coaches available to help members, your members and athletes will thrive and you will work less over time.  Our motto is simple: we provide the tools and you put in the work. TrainHeroic is one tool no coach can go without.

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