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Whether you’re working with your clients in person or remotely, the new Coach Home will help take your coaching to the next level. 

Your clients look to you to not only provide sound programming, but to also be a source of motivation, encouragement, and accountability. 

The TrainHeroic Coach Home feature will help you quickly and easily review feedback your customers are providing and allow you to engage with them as soon as you open the app. 

Here are some pro tips on how to effectively keep your clients on track.

Erin Nelson

Erin Nelson

Erin Nelson is a former collegiate track and field athlete whose passion for Olympic Lifting led her to become a CrossFit enthusiast. With degrees in Health & Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, Erin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who spent nearly a decade in the personal training industry before joining TrainHeroic as an Onboarding Specialist.

// 4 tips to best leverage coach home

Use the Readiness Score to Gauge client wellness

You’ve probably noticed some trends in how your clients report their average readiness score. 

Easily keep an eye out for abnormal scores that could indicate some excessive external stressors in your athletes’ day-to-day and use it as an opportunity to personally check in. 

Do you have a customer who typically reports an average Readiness Score in the mid-3’s and today they’ve reported a 2.4? 

Now is your opportunity to direct the client to provide support they might need beyond their daily workout.

Use the Summary Card for Programming feedback

The summary card provides key feedback on your programming that your customers might not directly provide. 

Along with the readiness score, the summary card allows you to quickly gain insight on crucial components of your programming: session completion, duration, intensity, and volume. 

Are you noticing that a lot of your clients are taking 90+ minutes to complete lifts that you intended to be finished in 60 minutes? 

This could be a good indicator that you may need to “trim the fat” on some of the sessions you’re programming.

Use Direct Message to Quickly Engage with Your client 1:1

Daily communication with your customers will help keep them engaged, motivated, accountable, and on the path to success. 

With Coach Home, you can now easily access 1:1 messaging with a client to ask how a specific exercise went, reply to a comment they left on the session, or praise them on their hard work that day. 

Leverage direct messaging to remind your athletes of their goals and find daily successes to communicate to them. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about progress, not perfection.

Use the Calendar Filter to Easily Check on Team compliance

Are you working with multiple teams or groups of clients and need to check who is putting in the work? 

Use the calendar filter to effortlessly narrow down your view of clients on a specific team. 

Once you’ve filtered to the team view, you can also use the calendar icon to access certain dates and review how the team has been doing over the course of the week, or scroll back to a prior testing date.

putting it all Together

With all this data at your fingertips, there’s no reason you can’t take your coaching to the next level and keep your athletes more engaged and motivated than ever.

What are you waiting for?

Get after it, Coach!


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