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// It is time for heroes

At TrainHeroic, we’re committed to building a world where millions of connected Heroes find joy in the journey of training.

Finding that joy is pretty hard right now.

I think it’s fair to say that for many of us, this is the heaviest weight we’ve lifted in a long time…maybe ever.

Our hearts go out to the families enduring medical hardship, the small businesses facing closure, the shift workers missing hours, and the medical professionals working around the clock to delay the spread of this disease. 

While life is never a certain thing, our daily routines lull us to believe it’s a whole lot more certain than it actually is. Our social drift toward busyness hypnotizes us into a shared expectation that tomorrow will roughly be colored in similar shades of today.

Our reality is our reality…

…until it’s not.

Whether or not it’s a conscious understanding, humans have known for a long time that change is the basis of all nature. Impermanence is the only thing that’s permanent.

Change is upon us all

It’s our ability to respond to change, adapt our practice, and evolve as beings that dictates the quality of our experience both now and in the future.

Clinging loosely to what has been and remaining open to what can be empowers us to develop new strength during times of great challenge.

And for all of us, this certainly is one of those times.

Famed tech investor Ben Horowitz is noted for saying, “Hard things are hard because there are no easy answers or recipes. They are hard because your emotions are at odds with your logic. They are hard because you don’t know the answer and you cannot ask for help without showing weakness.”

I believe all of those things are true, except for the last one.

Asking for help does not show weakness. Asking for help shows courage. It takes a willingness to be vulnerable, expose yourself, and share your problems with others. Others who may be willing and able to help.

In our mission to empower coaches and athletes to be their best, we need all the help we can get. We’re not too proud to admit that and don’t think you should be either.

So whether you’re a private facility owner looking to figure out what to do with your monthly memberships, a personal coach trying to pivot to an online business, or a team coach looking to keep your culture intact and athletes in shape, know that we’re here to help.

Here’s how

  • We’ve added a FREE 30 Day “HIIT it at Home” Program to the TrainHeroic Library so you have a plug-and-play template you can use with private clients

  • 2X Strength coach of the year, Ron Mckeefery, helped us create a FREE 8-Week Bodyweight Athletic Development program to keep team athletes progressing when they can’t be in the weight room. That too is free with any TrainHeroic coach account.

  • We want to hear directly the pain points you’re experiencing, the fears you’re having, and the business challenges you’re facing so we can develop content, education, and solutions to help you overcome those obstacles. We’ve set up a TrainHeroic Coach Facebook group so we can be in real-time sync with your needs. This channel is intended to be used as a forum for surfacing best practices amongst your peers, providing a direct channel of intelligence to our leadership, and improving the flow of information across our network.

You are not alone

Given the volume of coaches and athletes we serve, I cannot guarantee an immediate response, but I can guarantee that our team is on it, giving their 100% BEST, and working collaboratively to deliver the creative solutions you need to come out of this thing stronger than ever before.

We don’t have many answers right now.

Will this be a 30-day disruption of “normal activity”? 90-days? 6 months?

We don’t know and I’d hazard a guess that you don’t either.

What feels somewhat clear to me is that life as we knew it is already a thing of the past. A new world is forming around us as we speak and we’re going to need to learn how to live in it and evolve ourselves so we can thrive in it.

To flourish, all of us will need to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and deliver new solutions.

We want you to know that we at TrainHeroic are going to go through this right alongside you.

We’re in this fight together. You are not alone.

When you joined this community, you committed to being your best. The circumstances of today demand the best of you and everyone around you.

In the TrainHeroic community, we thrive when the struggle is the hardest. During this period of time, we’re going to learn more things about ourselves than ever before. We’ll stretch, innovate, and grow.

You will too. You’ll figure out how to do more with less. You’ll figure out how to support people when they need you the most. To motivate people, even when they’re far away.

You’re gonna learn how to balance your business models and develop resilient systems that stand tall under intense pressure.

Necessity is the mother of innovation and the constraints of these circumstances will unlock a creativity in each of us we’ve never experienced before.

It’ll be tough, but this is what we’ve all been training for.

Our bodies, our minds, and our communities have trained to get through struggles like these.

Be your best,

Ben Crookston

Founder, TrainHeroic

PS, if you’re innovating ahead of the curve and want to help other coaches, click here to share your story to our audience. 


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