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Tom Hooper

Tom is the Director of Strength Connection Performance. Tom currently works in the private sector in the United Kingdom. He has elevated his coaching expertise over a number of years specialising primarily on sports-specific training with a core emphasis on Strength Speed and Athletic Development for contact, racquet and athletic disciplines. Tom lives by the following mantra; “Inspire, Innovate and Educate”
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// How to Get Clients for Your Coaching Business Amidst COVID-19

It has felt like an eternity since we first went on lockdown due to the threats of COVID-19. With more waves popping up around the world, it doesn’t seem like a return to normal will happen anytime soon. This has spurred the question for many people who train, is it safe to return to the gym?

There are a number of things that trouble us during tough times as a coach, particularly when it comes to keeping our business moving forward. I’ve asked myself this question a number of times, even before the lockdown was official: “How am I going to get new clients if nobody is going to the gym?” Believe it or not, the first thing you’re going to want to do is drop your prices because it seems sensible.


Why do I say this? Because your credibility still remains the same. You haven’t changed anything that should warrant you doing so. You’re still providing the same services; you’re still coaching. Bad move to even consider it.

Secondly, you start telling everyone you’re moving ONLINE. Ok, that’s a smart move, but every man and his dog is doing that, so what are you doing different again, nothing.

Thirdly, you start creating silly get-rich-quick schemes to fill your time. Yes, this is good for generating likes and clicks to your website, but not encouraging anyone to work with you.

Your focus is to get leads. You want names, numbers and contact details, so you can start telling people your story. The following tips will help get more clients for your coaching business.

5 Tips to Getting More Clients

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Tip 1

Don’t Jump On The Bandwagon

Interestingly enough, as I’ve explained above, everyone has fallen into the same trap. They’ve gone online, created workout videos, created a website because it looks COOL. It’s all the same, there’s nothing unique.

I want you to take a step back and count to ten before you start doing the same thing as everyone else. You’re better than this and you have core skills that you’ve learnt over the years. These have set you apart from everyone else, so why be a sheep when you can be a shepherd! Let’s do this!

Now that you’re all hyped up, start by making a list of all your core skills and experiences along the way. This will help you to start to identify the type of individual you are and why people will like you. It’s exciting.

Tip 2

Pick Your Avatar

Each coach is unique. They have a set specialism, for example I work with athletes on athletic development for team sports players, so I know that my ideal avatar is an athlete who wants to get stronger and reduce their risk of injury whilst placing huge physical demands on their bodies in their discipline. Take your time with this one, as you really need to focus on this.

Tip 3

Be Relatable

Build a story about you and your experiences. People like to feel they can relate to what you’re saying. For instance, when I broke my arm when I was 11, it hurt like hell and the recovery process was long and tedious. But it’s relatable because injuries are inevitable in rugby. Somewhere along the line you’ve experienced something similar, and if you haven’t then you’re blessed by something.

It shows you are HUMAN.

Tip 4

Stay Consistent

Planning your marketing strategy takes time, and it will change week to week, but it’s important to have the foundations in place.

Create a monthly schedule with realistic non-negotiable tasks. You’ll start to increase your accountability and this will reflect in your posts weekly.

Clients become drawn into your story and the buy-in increases. This is where you will start seeing people reach out and ask questions.

Tip 5

Pick Your Platform

Choosing how you want to present your story is key because it’s where people will start to see who you are. You’re probably wondering what I mean by this. This is referring to your social media platforms, blogs, newsletters, etc.

We all love sharing stuff on every social stream imaginable, but it can become repetitive if not done correctly. One post can be shared across multiple platforms with the appropriate adjustments. You have to make your content transferable, which can take time and practice.

So start by picking one that you feel fits you and your avatar. Pick one and get really good at curating a community there. For me, I use LinkedIn because I like to give informational content and I feel my engagement is higher there. On Instagram, I just post snapshots, but pick the one you feel most comfortable with and grow from there.

Time To Show The World

With these five tips, you can start sharing your story and generating some genuine interest in your coaching business


But most of all have FUN and remember no one likes a robot!


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