About this section: 

Motivating, engaging, and inspiring your athletes is every bit as important in coaching as designing the best training program. TrainHeroic allows you to stay connected with your athletes along their training journey through a variety of tools. 

It’s best practice to have programmed at least one session, delivered it to an athlete’s calendar, and have at least one athlete log their training in order to reap the benefits we will be covering in the guide below.

What we’ll cover: 

  • Leveraging the notification center to quickly view and reply to your athletes’ training questions and comments
  • Sending your athletes direct communication or giving them a fist bump to let them know you see them working
  • Reviewing training session results and compliance
  • Doing more with data by exploring Analytics


1. Make sure you’re at your desktop or laptop computer

2. Login to your account by clicking below


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Leveraging the Notification Center

Click on the Notifications icon in the top right-hand corner

The notification center is your command center for communicating directly with your athletes. Click on a notification to reply, add comments, or give athletes a fist bump.

Anytime a message is sent, the recipient (you or your athletes) will receive an email notification and a push notification so that you’re in the loop and so that you can stay connected. 

Celebrating each step along the way through feedback and comments is just one way we’re going to help you coach more athletes better, Coach.

Sending Your Athletes Direct Communication

If you don’t have a notification, start the conversation by clicking on Athletes from the left-hand menu and selecting the message icon to send athletes a direct message.

Here, you will see a feed of all direct messages that have been sent between you and that specific athlete.

Give them encouragement for the week, celebrate a PR, or check in to see why they haven’t logged any training sessions recently.

Reviewing Session Results and Compliance

To quickly review a snapshot of your athletes’ training, click on the athlete calendar button from the Athletes tab.

This will give you a quick view of all sessions on their calendar. Compliance, readiness, duration, and intensity are all quickly displayed along with their training data.

By clicking on the training session, you’ll be able to view comments and add your own as well.

Exploring TrainHeroic Analytics

For coaches looking to do more with data, our powerful suite of analytics tools gives you deeper insights and trends across a variety of data.

Click on Analytics & Reports on the left-hand toolbar

There are quite a few metrics at your fingertips, and as your athletes progress on their training journey, this data will help you coach them better. Analytics was designed to help you deepen the connection that you have with your athletes by giving you the tools you need to have conversations rooted in objective data.

Feel free to explore the dashboards. Here you will find data on athlete compliance, readiness, lift progression and much more. Since we started with a test athlete and a limited number of sessions, the training data available to you will be limited, for now. This will, of course, evolve once you start coaching all of your athletes through TrainHeroic. We’ll cover these tools more in-depth as you continue your journey with us. 

Coach, you’ve now created a training session, invited your athletes to connect with you, delivered a training program to those athletes, and celebrated with them. 

Well done! 

If you have any questions on celebrating with your athletes, analyzing data, or anything else, we’re here to help.




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