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adam dawdy

Adam Dawdy is a Product Manager at TrainHeroic. Before that, he coached in various settings, taught, and studied biomechanics and exercise physiology. Adam is a converted endurance athlete who enjoys the pursuit of strength.

// a new activity stream & coach home experience

Providing value to your clients is as much about relationship management as it is programming. Your role is guide, mentor, coach, and support system. 

If you want to be the kind of coach who is always on top of things and whose athletes feel valued and cared for, we think you’ll love this new solution now in the mobile and desktop TrainHeroic app. 

This Activity Feed will display any sessions logged on 1:1 or team calendars. You can leave them collapsed for quick scrolling through summaries and comments, or expand the cards to see all the details your athletes log.

Filters allow you to focus on a specific team or date, as well.

From here it’s easy to engage with them in your own authentic way, regardless of whether they’re on a team or coached 1:1.

You can even comment publicly in the session comments, or send a DM to the athlete with the session attached. 

// being aware of what’s always been vital

My mom lives 15 minutes away, but you’d never know it.

You know how it is – we haven’t always gotten along, but I love my mom and we don’t see each other as often as we should. We both work and have our own interests and lives, and the weeks get filled with more important things. 

I have been missing her more recently, though. Instead of hunching over my sad stash of lentils, I’d really like to go over to her house, eat one of her patented overcooked steaks, and watch some inane TV. 

In this anxious new world of “pants optional” work from home practices and TP-hoarding, our need for human connection is turned up several notches. We can’t visit family. We don’t get our casual fixes at work or out in public. Even the gym, that beloved “third place,”  has been taken away from many of us. 

what does this mean for you, coach?

What does this mean for you, coach?

It means you have a big opportunity to step up into the void and be essential. It means you have a chance to be more valuable and help people more than you ever could before because people need the connection, focus, fulfillment, and escape that training with you offers.

It won’t only help them. The more essential you are to them, the more likely they are to stick with you if things get hard for them personally or financially.

Things are weird, maybe even scary. Let’s not deny that. It also isn’t easy, especially if you’ve suddenly pivoted to remote coaching because you had to. You’ve probably already realized that to be as successful as possible with remote coaching, you have to adopt some new behaviors to make it abundantly clear you’re engaged and available.

This is doubly true right now. For many of your athletes, those softer benefits their training community provides is at least as important as your expertise.

Sound familiar? It’s because crises make us more aware of what was always vital. These things are also hugely important under normal circumstances. Our awareness of them just becomes heightened when they are threatened. 

We started building our new Activity Stream way back in the Before Times, but this is the perfect time to be rolling it out to you. 

Simply – we’ve given you a way to review your athletes’ training in one place. If you want to review every session your athletes log, you can on web or mobile.

We’ve always said our goal was to help you “coach more athletes, better.” This is another big step in that direction.

Be your best,

Adam Dawdy

Product Manager, TrainHeroic


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