5 Ways to Drive Customer Engagement

Coach Development

Whether you’re transitioning from in-person to remote coaching or setting new goals for your online coaching business, keeping clients engaged will be your line to success.

Above your expert programming, it’s your coaching efforts – inspiration, motivation, and accountability – that provides your competitive edge.

// Keep Your Clients Engaged With These 5 Tips

engage with clients

1. Encourage Daily Competition

Clients on a team hold each other accountable, and the Leaderboard plays a big role here!

While you may traditionally coach clients 1:1, we encourage you to consider team or group training. Think of ‘Teams’ as a virtual gym, where clients can train toward a common goal. With this, you’ll be able to efficiently program for a group of clients, and more importantly, create a sense of community.

We encourage you to program daily Leaderboards for friendly competition, so clients can push themselves to place on the Leaderboard, and compare their results against their teammates.

This isn’t necessarily just a competition, it’s a way for clients to see some friendly faces, and feel like they’re part of a larger community.

Click HERE to learn more about programming Leaderboards.

Don’t forget to mix these up, so everyone gets a chance to play to their strengths, whether that’s time, reps, or weight.

2. Check-in Regularly

Schedule routine check-ins with your customers and regularly monitor their training. Touch base with your client anytime you notice a change in their behavior, whether it’s a low readiness score, missed session, or fistbump-worthy effort.

Show them you care and that you are available to help support them throughout their training journey. Encourage your clients to share progress photos or technique videos through TH Chat.

The real foundation of coaching is in your communication. Keep your customers connected, while also holding them accountable. You can have fun with this, and keep this process simple for your clients, too!

Use Session Comments to post demos or motivational videos for a particular session, or prompt questions:

Use TH Chat to guide group discussions around training, nutrition, and general wellness, or to conduct check-in’s with client’s 1:1.

3. Provide Immediate Feedback

Your customers are driven by positive reinforcement and constructive feedback. Set goals, celebrate achievements, and provide immediate feedback based on their training results. 

Coach Home is your pocket tool for providing immediate feedback to your clients . This is your daily activity feed, so you can easily view each client’s completed training session, reply to Session Comments, or Direct Message your client if you notice anything in their training that deserves affirmation, or sounds an alarm.

Is there anything in their readiness, duration, or intensity scores that doesn’t add up in comparison to other clients at similar abilities? Perhaps there’s an opportunity to request a video for form check on a particular lift or movement. How are they progressing toward their goal?

4. Switch Things Up

No need to reinvent the wheel here! Stick to your foundations while keeping your programming challenging and exciting for your clients. Whether that is changing up your rep schemes with ‘time’ or ‘MAX’ reps, swapping out accessory movements, or diversifying the mode and stimulus of conditioning, be sure to challenge your clients week to week so they stay engaged.

Use the filters on the right to narrow your search, when looking for new movements.

5. Support the Whole Client

Client wellness extends beyond the weight room. Support the whole client by reading into their Readiness Surveys, and providing nutrition guidance, or tools to recover from a tough training session.

Your arsenal of custom Exercises in your Library does not have to be restricted to your core exercises alone. Enrich rest days with meditation and yoga, programmed directly into their session.

Request meal photos from your client over TH Chat Direct Message to easily track their nutrition, and make suggestions that will improve their overall health and wellbeing, and help them be their best.

Like your clients, you’re going to have to put in the reps to see results. Your coaching efforts should be a continuous endeavor, and you’ll need to find a routine that works for you, and stick with it!



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