// Dumbbell only workout – Delta bravo by deuce gym

This dumbbell-only minimal equipment workout is brought to us by coach Ben Smith at Deuce Gym from his programming subscription, Delta Bravo.

Delta Bravo is for those looking to stretch their potential, challenge what they thought was possible, and engage in an at-home training experience that gets you in the best shape of your life using only a pair of dumbbells

You can take a free 7-day trial of the Delta Bravo programming subscription by clicking below. Or, use TrainHeroic’s free programming tools to build this session on your calendar. Don’t forget to log those results!


2 rounds:

:60 glute bridge iso hold

10 single leg RDL (ea)

12 rev lunge (ea)

15 lateral split squat (ea)

15 single leg glute bridge (ea)


3×12 DB Alternating Jumping Lunges

DB Front Squats x Max Reps in :60

3×15 DB Goblet Squat Squats

3×15 DB Deadlifts

Strength Superset

4×12 Single DB Clean

4×12 DB Gorilla Row

Core finisher

4xMax Forward Plank on Elbows