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Bodybuilding Programs

Paragon Training Methods

Paragon Training Methods is the life-changing workouts, coaching, & online community you’ve been searching for to help you build muscle, achieve your goals, and look/feel great in just 30 to 90 min/day.

Strong For Life

With Built like a MF you won’t just try to built a stronger body, **you’ll build STRENGTH and a physique that builds confidence.** This program on-going and is backed by science and paired with my own personal experience in building strength and a physique that I’m proud of.

Functional Fitness Programs

Cal Strength

The Barbell WOD program takes a balanced approach to programming combining the best of California Strength’s Olympic weightlifting principles with Powerlifting, Functional Training and Metabolic Conditioning into 60 minute workouts.

The Barbell WOD Plus program takes a balanced approach to programming combining the best of California Strength’s Olympic weightlifting principles with Powerlifting, Functional Training and Metabolic Conditioning into 60 minute workouts.

Core Coaching Method

I created Elite Physique to help women build strength, muscle, and, most importantly, CONFIDENCE. When you join the Elite Physique team, you’ll get access to my methods, programming and expertise. All you need to do is show up. Masterfully designed workouts, sets, reps, video demos, cues, and even direct access to me and my CORE coaching method team.

Home Heroes is a world class training that you can do at home, with minimal equipment.

Jam Method

The JAM Method is for those who want to train hard, crush the occasional donut, and look good naked. With the JAM Method, you’ll be doing the exact same workouts I’m doing on a daily basis, and I’ll be there to guide you the entire way. I’m really excited to build this community together.

Jump Ship

The Jump Ship Crew includes: JS90 & 60 Minute programs, two daily Competitor’s Extra pieces and our Masters Program. JS90 is a full training session that runs on a 90 Minute clock. This includes a warm-up, lift, conditioning piece, and extra work. There is time built in between pieces for rest, set up, movement specific warm up, and skill work. You should use your entire 90 minutes! JS60 is an abbreviated version, created specifically for those who demand a strong dose of fitness but are short on time

Move Fast Lift Heavy

If you’re looking for a training plan that gets you closer to your specific goals, whether that’s to compete in CrossFit or to look and perform better every single day, then you’ve come to the right place.

Professor Project

The Professor Project gives you a program, community, and training system that will make you stronger, faster, and teach you how to move like the pros. With thoughtful programming, you will keep hitting new PR’s while also moving more efficiently throughout your journey with us.


I didn’t play professional hockey for 10 years because I was the most skilled guy (think Happy Gilmore). I used the gym year in & year out during my career to separate myself from the pack. Every month there will be different objectives but the outcomes will always be the same : Stay Healthy. Stay Jacked. Remain Explosive, Athletic & Sexy in a Mobile & Pain Free Body.

Train FTW

If you are looking for a program that is fresh, balanced, flexible, effective and time efficient (not asking for much, just the world), THRIVE is your kind of program.

Train Your Weakness

Improve your double unders with just 2 sessions a week.This Train Your Weakness FOCUSED programming will have your double unders improving in 6 weeks.

Get your first bar muscle-up with just 3 sessions a week. This Train Your Weakness FOCUSED programming will have you above the bar in 6 weeks.

True Strength

With 20 years of experience, I’ve taken the best elements of strength & conditioning, calisthenics, bodybuilding, strongman, & functional fitness – combining them into ONE all inclusive program.

The Baseline Program is perfect program for beginner/moderate level athletes to build FOUNDATIONAL strength with both the barbell and your bodyweight! With 3 total-body strength & conditioning workouts each week, and 40-50 minutes/session, this program is PERFECT busy people to maximize their time in the gym so you can get in, get out, and get on with your life!


Mission Explore

Are you having issues with your hips, wanting to improve the capabilities of your hips, or working with clients that fall into one of those categories?

This six week program consists of 3 training days a week focusing on the hips EXPLORING ROTATION, ADDRESSING TENSION, RESTORING RANGE OF MOTION AND STRENGTHENING RANGE OF MOTION.

Movement By Matt

I created the MBM Mobility Membership to give you access to coaching and programming that delivers exactly that! As a member, you’ll get access to me and to my daily programming designed to increase mobility, build strength, and eliminate your joint pain.

Beyond mobility, you’ll maximize your ability to control your body by addressing the joint capsule space FIRST then building muscle and control around the improved joint.


5th Set

I’m giving you access to be part of the 5thSet for Powerbuilding Team.

On this team we are going to stick to a concurrent model. I understand it’s hard to step away from hypertrophy training and make the switch the purely strength. The truth is: we don’t have to decide between strength and hypertrophy most of the time (or ever, on this team). We can train for each to some degree effectively all the time.


Jailhouse Strong’s Josh Bryant brings you a 12-week Tactical Powerlifting program designed to build ABSOLUTE STRENGTH so you peak for a powerlifting meeting while increasing your work capacity so that you’re ready at a moment’s notice.


I created TEAM UNCHAINED so that ANYONE who wanted to get stronger in the barbell lifts and train like a powerlfiter could have a road map and wouldn’t have to take the journey alone. The training of TEAM UNCHAINED is structured around increasing your powerlifts; squat, bench, deadlift. You will both strengthen your weaknesses and increase your total while tearing up accessories to build the body YOU want.

Team LSN is weekly programming for anyone who wants to train to be strong AND look the part.

We put equal emphasis on strength building with compound movements and body building style accessories to both build muscle and further support your strength gains. We also include conditioning work to train you to move with all of your new found muscle.


Cal Strength

Josh Scramble

The old Jiu-Jitsu adage is that technique conquers all But let’s be real, strength matters. Strength will help you apply technique more effectively Strength will help to keep you injury free and on the mat. Strength will take your Jiu-Jitsu to the next level. Build strength through using the proven Jailhouse Strong methodology and tailored to the particular demands of Jiu-Jitsu.

Strength & Conditioning

Cal Strength

The Ripped & Ready program will help you improve your metabolic fitness, increase your functional strength and achieve the aesthetic physique you deserve. My name is Dave Spitz, lifelong coach and former athlete – turned fat guy – turned fit guy. I researched, wrote and refined the Ripped & Ready program for myself.

Sam Ciaccia

Want to get strong as an Ox, jacked like a Rabbit? Learn how to train with kettlebells safely, with proper technique? *If yes, our 12-week Kettlebell Strength program is made for you! *

Sam created a 12-Week training program around kettlebells so each individual feels confident with their technique as they continue to build strength throughout each phase!

True Strength

FitAesthetics is for anyone that wants the ultimate combo of Fitness & Aesthetics. This program will get you leaner, stronger, & looking better than ever in record time with some of the most fun, creative, & effective workouts you will ever do. FitAesthetics delivers unmatched results by seamlessly combining the best elements of bodybuilding, strength, & HIIT into 1 all-inclusive program.


GPS Human Performance

The GPS Tactical Strength & Conditioning Team is a specific training program built for the modern day Tactical Athlete who needs to be stronger, faster and more resilient then in years past. In essence, the program is geared to get you in peak physical shape to tackle any obstacle thrown your way, and smoke PT Tests!

Mission Explore

Five day a week training program delivered weekly developed from experience training military special operators for functional strength, health, wellness and performance! Program will focus on improving mobility to enhance quality of life while improving strength, endurance and overall health.


Cal Strength

The California Strength Club Team is for the Olympic weightlifter who strives to improve their technique, make strength gains and set personal records in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk!

The California Strength Elite Team is for intermediate to advanced Olympic weightlifters who aspire to train like the pros, whether that’s to podium at Nationals or represent your country on the international stage.

The California Strength Master’s Program is a four session per week program designed for intermediate to advanced Masters weightlifters who are ready to take their training to the next level. Become part of the best weightlifting team in the country and receive support from some of the same California Strength Coaches that have supported National Champions, Pan Am Champions, World Competitors and more. This program is tailored specifically with the Masters athletes in mind.

The California Strength Starter Team is for the Olympic weightlifter who strives to improve their technique, make strength gains and set personal records in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk!

Are you ready to PR your Front Squat and Back Squat?! This program is eight weeks that leads you through a progression that introduces volume and intensity undulation that steer you to making those heavy 1RM attempts that are going to drive your new PR performances!

Are you picking up the barbell for the first time? Or maybe you’ve lifted before and feel like you’ve been taught wrong. Either way, this is the program for you! Over the next eight weeks, we will take you through our proven teaching progressions that will lead you to a passable Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Catalyst Athletics

Aimee’s Ladies is an online community for women, and is good choice for the beginner, intermediate, and masters athletes. Whether you are brand new to the sport of weightlifting, have goals to qualify for National meets, or never want to compete–this is the community for you.

This program focuses on gaining strength and consistency in the Olympic lifts through working positional strength, technique/movement, and gaining confidence in the snatch, clean & jerk, and related exercises.

This is a complete program to learn the snatch, clean and jerk from Greg Everett, coach of a national championship team, national champions and record holders, world championship competitors, and international medalists, and author of the world’s best-selling book on weightlifting.

The Catalyst Athletics Stripped team is perfect for busy folks, masters lifters and CrossFitters who need a complete weightlifting training program to get stronger, improve technique, and continue making PRs in the snatch, clean & jerk, and related exercises, but who can’t commit more than 3 days per week to training.

The Catalyst Athletics Club team is built for weightlifters who need a complete training program to get stronger, improve technique, and continue making PRs in the snatch, clean & jerk, and related exercises.

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