Software Engineers

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Your choice: Remote or Hybrid work envirionment
  • Louisville, CO


Build the Fastest Growing Training App
Scale it to Millions of Athletes and Coaches

We want you to be your best

As engineers, we want to feel excited about the quality of our code and the systems we build. We want to collaborate, innovate, and be proud of our work together. To achieve that we must continuously improve our skills — both as a team and individuals.

At TrainHeroic you will be surrounded by tremendously talented and experienced people. This is a community of learning, a collection of supportive people that have high expectations both for themselves and for you.

We work collaboratively and iteratively, empowering everyone to have a high impact on the customers we serve. We believe everyone deserves a work environment that values their unique perspective and that each person’s voice has the opportunity to elevate us all.

How Our Team Operates
Optimize for our ability to change

We like to cleanup code and refactor, using automated tests to support our efforts. If you’re not deeply familiar with automated testing, that’s ok — we’re all about collaboration and you’ll be up to speed in no time.
Improving quality is the best way to ship faster
  • Hold each other to high standards
  • Pair program over video chat to prevent and find bugs earlier in the development process
  • Learning as both a team and individual activity. Together, our team has read Clean Architecture, Clean Code, Code Complete 2, and other books. Next up is The DevOps Handbook.
  • We use an Engineering Growth Framework similar to Square’s to help each engineer and their manager track individual growth, opportunities, and establish professional development goals

We like taking ideas from other engineering orgs to see what works for us.

We pushed 451 releases in 2019, 936 in 2020, and on pace for well over 1,000 in 2021. We also built our office gym with custom equipment from Sorinex 💪
Reduce Friction to Release

Our Design Sprint to improve athlete onboarding brought together expertise from all teams and resulted in a great new experienced that launched in May 2019.
Amazing Design
  • Work from a design pattern library and partner with Design
  • User research and testing validate ideas before they hit engineering
  • We work together to deepen our domain knowledge in strength and conditioning
  • Borrowed from Google Ventures: Design Sprints

We use the parts of Agile that work for our team.
Our team establishes and reevaluates our working agreements together twice per year, holding us mutually accountable and serving as direction for how we show up at work.
Agile, not "Agile"
  • We’re a small team and use our size to our advantage
  • Lots of pair programming over video chat
  • Standup — 15min daily
  • Retro — 45min, every other week
  • Planning — As needed, typically 30min every 3-5 days
  • In total, our engineers spend about 3h per week in meetings
  • Borrowed from PagerDuty: Sailboats Retros Framework
  • Borrowed from Facebook: Let process be implemented by those who practice it

The Mountains are Calling

Have you dreamed about moving west but haven’t had a good opportunity?

Swag and company sweats are provided

We keep our schedule fairly flexible to support our team’s personal lives, whether that’s working out, picking up your child from school, or taking your dog out.

Meet Your Product Development Team
What does it means to Be Your Best?

What Our Team is About

We believe everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful culture. We live by our values and hire accordingly, welcoming people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

We are an equal opportunity employer and a fun place to work, where you’ll be challenged to grow and be your best.


The Job

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Your choice: Remote or Hybrid work envirionment
  • Louisville, CO

Day-to-Day Responsibilities
  • Build full-stack solutions to grow our platform to millions of athletes and coaches
  • Thrive in an iterative and collaborative engineering environment. Our engineers push code to production every day, averaging 250 releases per engineer per year.
  • Improve code quality through automated testing, refactoring, code reviews, and conversation

What Some of Our Projects Look Like
  • Develop advanced data analysis API endpoints and data visualization interfaces
  • Build buttery smooth and fast user interactions in our world class mobile app
  • Scale our data systems and API to support the next million athletes and coaches using our platform
  • Update our infrastructure to continuously improve deployability, performance, and security

  • Experience: 4+ years of software engineering experience
  • Frontend Technical Skills: JavaScript, CSS, and a framework like React, Vue, or Angular. In this role, you will work directly on our React web app and React Native mobile app.
  • Backend Technical Skills: Backend: SQL and PHP, Ruby, Python, or a similar language.

Interview Process

  1. Apply

  2. Phone call with Lisa from Recruiting, 30min
  3. Code Test
    2-3h take at home, not timed
  4. Video chat interview with Brian (Director of Engineering) and a Senior Software Engineer
    1h, Sample question areas:
    • Tell us something in software engineering that you’ve changed your mind about.
    • Describe outcomes and optimizations on the most recent project you worked on.
    • Tell us about a project where you grew as an engineer and teammate.
  5. Video chat interview with Engineering team, Product Manager, and Designer

  • With gyms closed or at limited capacity, the world needs remote training solutions like TrainHeroic more than ever. During this time, we’ve seen tremendous user growth and new opportunities emerge which deserve the best of our attention, energy, and skill. Now is the time to join TrainHeroic.
  • Your choice: Remote or Hybrid work envirionment
  • We are performing all interviews remotely via phone and/or video chat


We take pride in taking care of our people. Our TrainHeroic team consists of about 20 people, but we receive the robust benefits of our much larger parent company, Peaksware.

  • Competitive salary and incentives
  • 100% company paid medical plan for employees with buy-up options as well as dental and vision insurance for employees (dependent coverage available)
  • Unlimited Flexible Time Off
  • 4 weeks of paid parental leave for new parents — biological or adoptive
  • 5% 401(k) match
  • $100k of life insurance coverage with buy-up options
  • Company paid short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Regular, complimentary financial planning with a professional advisor
  • Corporate discounts on gym memberships and top-brand gear

Peaksware/TrainHeroic is committed to fair and equitable compensation practices. The salary range for this role is $107,042 - $178,403. Final compensation for this role will be determined by various factors such as a candidate's relevant work experience, skills, and certifications.

This role is eligible for variable compensation including bonus.