Hi, we’re TrainHeroic
and we’re hiring Senior
Software Engineers


  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Denver, CO
  • Relocation assistance
  • Competitive salary and incentives


Build the Best Training App
Scale it to Millions of Athletes and Coaches

We want you to be your best

As engineers, we want to feel excited about the quality of our code and systems. To achieve that we must continuously improve our skills — both as a team and individuals.

At TrainHeroic you will be surrounded by tremendously talented and experienced people from all areas of the business — Engineering, Product Management, Design, Customer Success, Sales, as well as Engineering leaders from Peaksware and Training Peaks.

This is a community of learning, a collection of supportive people that have high expectations both for themselves and for you.

How Our Team Operates
Optimize for our ability to change

We like vigorous refactoring and cleanup, using automated tests to support that effort
Improving quality is the best way to ship faster
  • Hold each other to high standards in code reviews
  • Expect pull requests to contain corresponding unit tests
  • Our flow: Branch → Pull Request → Code Review → Test → Deploy
  • Use Deliberate Practice to improve our software engineering skills. Learning is both a team and individual activity. Together, our team is currently reading Code Complete 2, after recently finishing Clean Code.

We like taking ideas from other engineering orgs to see what works for us.

Celebrating the 100th release of 2019.
We’re on pace for about 300.
Reduce Friction to Release

Design Sprint to improve athlete onboarding,
set to launch in May 2019
Amazing Design
  • Style guide
  • User research and testing validate ideas before they hit engineering
  • Foster deep domain knowledge in strength and conditioning
  • Stolen from Google Ventures: Design Sprints

Use the parts of Agile that work for your team.
Our team’s current working agreements.
Agile, not "Agile"

The Denver Vibe
The Mountains are Calling

Have you dreamed about moving west but haven’t had a good opportunity? Relocation assistance is provided.

Swag and company sweats are provided

We want you to have the best hardware so every engineer gets a new MacBook Pro and choice of dual monitors or a big 40" monitor. Every desk is automated standup + seated.

LaCroix fridge is stocked. Kombucha and beer on tap. Bananas, pistachios, clementines, and more ready to eat.

We keep our schedule fairly flexible to support our team’s personal lives, whether that’s working out or picking up your dog from daycare. We also offer a $1,200/yr fitness reimbursement.

Colorado sunsets are free, Rockies tickets start at $6, and our office is a 10 minute walk to Coors Field.

Meet Your Product Development Team
What does it means to Be Your Best?


The Job

  • Senior Software Engineer — Backend
  • Denver, CO
  • Relocation assistance provided

  • Become the technical leader of our backend systems. We expect you to be a well rounded engineer with deep expertise in coding, systems design, architecture, and security.
  • Thrive in a highly iterative and collaborative engineering environment. We pushed +150 production releases in 2018 and are on pace for even more this year.
  • Vigorously refactor code with the help of automated tests
  • Mentor more junior engineers and uphold high standards for quality

Projects You Might Work On
  • Adding athlete metrics and graphing into our mobile app
  • Optimizing API and database performance
  • Integrating with 3rd party notification and chat platforms
  • Refactoring our user subscription and access control systems
  • Improving platform security and system monitoring

  • 8+ years of software engineering experience and Bachelors in Computer Science or STEM degree, or demonstrable experience
  • Experience in PHP, Ruby, Python, or similar experience preferred, with strong knowledge of object-oriented design, common OO practices, and Design Patterns (in any language).
  • Our current backend stack includes AWS (EB, EC2, Aurora, Lambda, SQS, SES, S3), Laravel, MySQL, Redis, and Python. Our client-side apps are primarily built in React and React Native. As our team and needs change, we are open to exploring new technologies best suited for the job.
  • Experience with RDBMS, data storage, and caching tools

Interview Process

  1. Apply

  2. Phone call with Brian, Director of Engineering
    1h, Sample questions:
    • Tell us about a time you brought a system down accidentally.
    • Tell us something in software engineering that you’ve changed your mind about.
    • What’s some advice you’d give to a junior engineer based on your experiences?
    • Based on places you’ve worked, what are some red flags you look for during the interview process?
    • What attributes do you look for in a manager?
    • Describe an engineer you've looked up to during your career and why.
  3. Code Test
    2-3h take at home, not timed
  4. Onsite interview with Engineering team and HR


  • Competitive salary and incentives
  • $1,200/yr fitness reimbursement for healthy lifestyle purchases like gym memberships, race fees, bikes, running shoes, and more
  • Relocation assistance for out-of-state candidates
  • 100% company paid medical plan for employees with buy-up options as well as dental and vision insurance for employees (dependent coverage available)
  • 3 weeks of PTO for all new hires, increasing at various years of service
  • 5% 401(k) match
  • Four week paid sabbatical for all employees after 7 years of service
  • Dog friendly office
  • Corporate discounts on gym memberships and top-brand gear
  • Creative and high energy office at INDUSTRY Denver in RiNo